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The new Patriot England defense could be even better than last year's Super Bowl defense


Former Jamie Collins' friend returns to the patriots this year, adding another playmaker to his winning Super Bowl defense. Although many people think of the crime, integrating the new recipients specifically into the passing game and how to replace Gronk and its production that cannot be recreated, I am delighted with the game. I feel more interesting about what happens on protection.

Newsflash – Pats protection looks stacked and here hope the days ‘turn dont break; a distant memory.

This defense screams for aggression and says, “Dogs are loose!” T

It's a shame that Brian Flores, a former protective playwright, is now in Miami. I really enjoyed the aggressive stamp that he put on the defense after years of watching a more conservative approach Matt Patricia. That and I hate Miami, but that's not here or here, simply, says Flores. He showed many different viewpoints starting in the 2018 assumptions, new blitz packs and had a fearless approach to pursuing the passers-by of different levels of defense. It was a more prone to mistaken approach but that defense didn't make a ton of mistakes. He trusted his veterans and put his players into positions to make plays. With Patricia, it was more attrition game. Do the right thing. Be in the right position. Do what Bill Belichick says. Wash, wash, repeat and the opposition will make a mistake. On the whole, she worked with wild success, but I really enjoyed the style of Flores and that team won all too. More impressive we can add… t

The thing is, Patricia and Flores did not have the depth of the craftsmen, this defense seems to have all levels. It has made me think that we can see the best of Belichick defense tricks now as he has plenty of talent to be more creative. These Patriots have been incredible over the past 18 years, but I am keen to see some of that defensive dominance that was typical of Patriots' earliest beginners. With many of these Patriot teams over the last few years, the defense has been on the tour, but this year people like to reverse that trend completely. 2019 projects to look like those 2001-2004 teams that all started this. Protection could be a key part of their success while the crime is boiling slowly. I think Belichick likes what he saw in Super Bowl LIII and I guess that we see more of it.

Our very classic Belichick. While everyone looks one way we look the other way and voila! An obvious defense appears. With the quarter-quarter position strengthening in the division, the settlers are holding a service with protection to re-freeze. Now there is a thickness of youth ability, speed and hugging that will grow just as their gun develops in sliding enemies Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and the newcomer Josh Rosen come to & # 39; themselves. There's a very old Belichick and don't forget, the colonists also have enough crime themselves. Tom Brady will get the ball right, but if they open the flood gates as they can, Patriots' defense may win games for this team throughout the year.

Let's break it down back.

Secondary: Dear AFC crimes, good luck. This unit has all. Stephon Gilmore is an All-Pro closed corner which is your anchor and leads the corners. The former smart shooter is on either side of Jason McCourty and two junior players in Jonathan Jones and J.C Jackson. In the second round last year, Duke Dawson adds to the youth and face, and another second round in the draft this year Joejuan Williams is proud of all the measurable drafts that are improving. It's great, fast and stunning. There are good times in the colonists' secondary schools and I didn't even talk about the savages again to whom people are reliable, experienced and have a championship apprenticeship. Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung and Harmon Duron are all reliable players and leaders on the field. He simply said that the patriots had invested well in their secondary school and now have our foundation for their defense, everything else will flow from it. This could be the best secondary patriots since Chuck Fairbanks teams from the late 70s. It's possible that that is good.

Linebacker: For years people have screamed for more applicants in this situation and I'm at that camp. Back in the day, Tedy Bruschi had a nose for the ball and Mike Vrabel matched big knife timing to reach the second quarter. More recently Dont's Hightower has been an animal when healthy and always grab the maximum period but needs help at this point for a while.

Fast forward today; Kyle Van Noy has always jumped over the last year and some key additions have been made. Now, suddenly, there are plaque manufacturers across the middle of the field. Hightower, Van Noy, Jamie Collins and 2018 draft hopeful JayWhaun Bentley look like an amazing group on top of this unequivocal core. There is also plenty of depth beyond them with men we know as Elandon Roberts and Christian Sam. This unit could be fun to watch. Belichick loves his line fans and now has a full cupboard to choose and play a game with.

Protective lineThis unit is more robust than impressive and that's fine. They'll have the time to rush with the attention they should get on the back and there is plenty of talent to design their creative of both levels. behind them. That's not all, however. This unit also has talent and hugging ability. A healthy Derek Rivers show promise as head rush, and popularity popularity seems full at the back of a third round rookie round, selecting Chase Winovich. Its tape looks exciting and adds an element of speed off the edge which could cause many problems. Guys such as Deatrich Wise, Lawrence Guy, John Simon, Adam Butler and Keionta Davis all contributed in the last season and more, and the newcomer Michael Bennett brings an attitude and return on the field in its himself.

So my expectations are slightly higher than the old saying “bend not to break”. I think that the tired phrase needs to be renewed, to “I won't bend or break.” You saw that the new template for success should be Super LIII and now their defense should be better . There is a lot of talent here.

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