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The Heavy Role of a House to Buy Democrats in Hush Payments


The House Democrats, taken to take control over the majority of next year, intend to investigate the involvement of President Trump in hush payments organized during the 2016 campaign for two women claiming issues, according to a Democratic assistant on Supervisory & House Committee.

The author says that House Democrats have already started testing the hush charges, including asking for entries from the Trump Organis in September, and "intending to dig deeper" by looking at Mr Trump's role.

The Wall Street Journal said on Friday that Mr Trump had taken part or briefed at almost every stage of the agreements organized by his ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen. That was a contradiction of two years of refusal by the president, his advisers and a legal team that Mr. Trump any information about the agreement at the time they were struck – and the possibility arose that the president would break federal finance-campaign laws.

The White House did not respond immediately to a request for comments on the planned House Democrats inquiry. The Ministry referred comments on the Journal's findings about the president's involvement in the hush payments to attorneys. Trump outside, who refused to comment.

The Journal's account was based on interviews with three dozen people directly involved or reported on the events. Among the findings: David Pecker, chief executive of American Media Inc., Mr Trump, promised during a August 2015 meeting in Trump Tower to buy the peace of silence of women who could claim during the campaign that they had encountered sexual faces with a " the Republican candidate. In June 2016, Mr. Trump i Mr. Pecker, whose company is issuing the National Applicant, to break down the story of Playboy's former model, Karen McDougal, who said they had a relationship in 2006.

Mr Cohen told federal prosecutors in Manhattan in October 2016, Mr Trump advised that he needed to find a way to pay Stephanie Clifford, the former star of adult films called Stormy Daniels, to keep talking about alleged someone public coming into contact with Mr. Trump, also in 2006. Mr. Trump by Mr. Cohen in October 2016 to "be done," according to Mr. Cohen to prosecutors.

Although President Trump was fighting publicly with women leading to the 2016 election, privately referred plans to calm their stories from two alleged issues. Here is a time line of Trump's personal involvement.

Mr Trump has refused to have sex with Ms. McDougal or Ms Clifford.

Mr. Trump and business methods are already subject to multiple investigations. Manhattan federal prosecutors investigating Mr Cohen are now examining business transactions by the Trump Organis, according to people who are familiar with the matter. The Trump Organis refused to comment on the investigation.

Robert Mueller's special counsel, who has been separately investigating whether Trump partners have confronted Russia's attempts to intervene in the 2016 US election, expect you to report on his findings to the Justice Department . Mr Trump has refused a collision, and Moscow has refused to intervene at the election.

An investigation by the House Democrats – whose next year's status will mean they are gaining a subpoena power – opens a new research trail to see whether Mr Trump did campaign campaign campaign crimes during the 2016 election.

Ty Gwyn and the Trump Association have rejected previous claims made by the Democrats in Congress that have not been signed by the majority of Republicans, although the company has responded to requests bipartis by solicitors


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Representative Elijah Cummings, Maryland, of the Democrat Supervisory Committee on the House responded in September to the White House Counsel Don McGahn and the Trump Organis requesting documents regarding the failure of Mr. Trump to disclose her debts to previous lawyer, Mr. Cohen, on last year's financial disclosure.

The application came soon after Mr Cohen pleaded guilty to the federal court of Manhattan for campaigning-crime crimes in connection with the payments to Ms. McDougal to Ms. Clifford and told a judge in an open court that he had instructed and co-ordinated with Mr. Trump. It is expected that Mr. Cohen, who pleaded guilty to avoiding tax and making incorrect statements to a bank, was sentenced on December 12.

The Supervisory Committee did not receive a response from the White House or the Organization Trump, according to the Democratic support.

In May, Mr. Trump financial disclosure with a footnote records a refund of between $ 100,001 and $ 250,000 for expenses in 2016 to Mr. Cohen I paid to Ms. Clifford. The payment was not restored in its previous financial disclosure, released last year. Disclosure rules require liabilities to be listed.

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