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The Editors' Ni & 39; We Can Not Stop GQ Thinking About


It has been a few days since Jordan Peele broke a record Us hit theaters – and they had a weekend opening $ 70 million, the highest for an original horror movie – the t Go out follow-up work is still thinking. This is the type of film that will certainly reward frequent scenes (for the easter eggs only), but at the beginning there are tons from breathtaking, stunning views that caught the GQ team and they wouldn't leave. Warning: if you have not seen Us, turn back. there are enough of spiders that are in front of us.

Adelaide a Red's Dance

For me, the most iconic thing about it Us not a scene, but a song. It was ok there in the trailer: Luniz "To Got 5 On It" played on the stereo, but to be surprised to rebuild it as a horror anthem, thriving horns and strings were plugged into place keys and bases. What was a lovely cathartic surprise, then, to hear the new version of the song during the climbing face and the movie between Red and Adelaide. The battle between the two is the empty remains, which have been infested by rabbits in Tethered prison in a ballet sequence, choreographed remarkably, a dance made with each other t It has been shared with a glimpse of the moment that defined their connection as something unique and different: a ballet statement, and the horrific echo Adelaide was forced to perform underground as her relative lived her life. Our third action conflict is better than most giant action movies, one that uses bodies rather than words to make its case one last time, in a way you won't you never forget it.Joshua Rivera, contributor

Josh / Tex Tim Heidecker

We can marvel at Lupita's performance in this film for the rest of my life literally (and I suppose I will), but other people have already done so much better than ever. What I'm here to talk about is the extraordinary supportive role played by Tim Heidecker. Heidecker's character, Josh only has been completed a piece of bleak, and a combination of the horrible things that you have experienced from around the white dudes. Yellow tattoos? Check. Ignoring legitimate girl concerns about their safety? Check. Listening to the Beach Boys is too high? Check check check !!! The character doesn't stop there either, as Tim portrays his character Tethered Tex is this strange, shameful, murderous psycho, which is also an integral part of each. Reader, I would love to tell you that I am the kind of person who didn't laugh at laughing as Tex took the “too slow” trick on Elisabeth Moss who was dying as she reached towards her “husband” appearance with a final breathing gasping. Unfortunately, I am not. As a Heidecker supporter for a long time and to completely absurd characters, this one was a complete delight, and one of the brightest points in a movie that has already been filled with stars.Gabe Conte, a digital producer# 39;

The Warping of "Ges i 5 On It"

To echo Josh: If you have seen any trailer for Us, you've heard the familiar rap styles of Luniz and "I 5 5 On it", one from 1995 that Jordan Peele came up with a way to embed and upset a deep effect. It's terrifying in the trailer; it is scary in the film itself, as the song begins to slowly drag its crispy nursery rhymes and "da-dum-dum" bass into a global resistance (literally). Peter Peele's trick makes a party anthem in nightmare stuff. Good luck sleeping after you hear it—Brennan Carley, associate editor

Adelaide and Her Apple

Given enough distance, you might consider how Us a horror film that had not completely screamed. Or about how, as an allegory, it wasn't completely clear in what he had to say. But in the heat of watching Us, chances are you I didn't think about those things. And that's because of the brilliance of imagery and iconography of the film (and, very, sure, the star performances and the support of a murderous soundtrack too). Jordan Peele packed his sophomore effort with so many references – to Hitchcock, Kubrick, Spielberg, even Meir Zarchi – and so many striking shots that you thought was his first and last effort. My favorite scene of the film is basically my favorite image. Peele traces a young Adelaide in a Santa Cruz carnival as she wanders off her unattended father. She is moving in her possession, as if she was on a journey. And when she arrives at the beach, Peele is still dying, her lid and her middle frame. She's wearing a “Thriller” t-shirt, and she has a red candy apple so big that she could have her own orbit. The colors and the size contrasts (little girl, huge apple) are perfect, and the image says it all. Tempting will take this girl somewhere that should not go … and then, plop. The apple falls, and I don't need to ruin the rest.Max Cea, contributor

Red Speaks

The view from Us that's stuck with me (read: kept me up at night) it's not so much a “scene” as it is a special sound or appearance. Our voice has been caught in his neck of the shadow character of Lupita Nyong's coming out of his mouth as a vomit, all stopping and disturbing. It's when she drives her elbows up on the table and drums her fingers on her cheek and makes her eyes wide. Somehow there is a child-like and bloody quality to this – as she wants to play a game… which ends in murder! The advantage of being stunned by this scene is that some parts begin to crystallize, or take a deeper meaning, after the turn at the end. So that “Red” begins his monologue with “Once,” the way a child – or an adult who was kidnapped as a child and kept underground in a disused laboratory under a wooden path until this moment. The only thing more shocking than Nyong's performance is the idea he couldn't win an Oscar for next February.Cam Wolf, author of stylistic features

Red Flashback

We get a taste of Red life when he first speaks, as he describes growing up with cold, sharp toys and eating a raw rabbit. But we arrived see that life towards the end of the film, the underground world lay with pictures of the carnival pier. The idea that every action on the face produces these annoying, ready to mix parodies is almost more distressing than the bloody violence that came from the front.Luke Darby, contributor

Terror Before the Tethered

There are tons of flash set pieces, have been built neatly Us, but the scene I'm still coming back is quieter: Just before Tethered's achievements, Adelaide tries to express to Gabe how scared she is, just how certainly it is that something terrible will happen. The despair of Lupita Nyong, her inability to put her fear in words is heartbreaking because of Gabe's dissatisfaction to understand. Us There's a big movie, and it belongs to Nyong, but here's one of the few minutes we get to just sit within Adelaide and Gabe's wedding, and there is an uneasy, comfortable performance t Winston Duke is just as essential. All this is heartbreaking for us, the audience too. We all paid a ticket to a horror movie and, like Adelaide, we know that there must be only minutes left before the nightmare reaches her front door.Tom Philip, contributor

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