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The changing narrative of the police on the death of Emantic Bradford

First, they said that someone from the age of 21 suspects that he was shot and alleviated two other people. Then they said that Emantic Bradford did not pull the trigger, but sounded a gun. Now we've learned Bradford did not necessarily do that, either.

Every time, the real attacker who opened a fire at the center is still on the loose.

Hoover police reported Thursday's shoot at Riverchase Galleria Mall, an upscale center to the south of Birmingham.

The police said the suspect was killed

The police said two men had fought in the center, and one of the men shot twice the other in the upper body.

Hoover PD explains report on & # 39; brandised & # 39; guns

Two uniform police officers said at the nearby center, said the police.

"Moving towards the shooting scene, one of the officers came face with a pistol who suspected it was punched and shot," said the police in a statement.

They pointed out the suspects as 21 year olds from nearby Hueytown.

The other man who was shot at the center came and survived a 12-year-old girl and hit by a revolutionary bullet.

Friday night
The police say Bradford is not a shooter

Hoover police designated the man killed as Emantic Bradford Jr. They said that Bradford had fled to the shooting scene "when branding me a dash," and an officer shot him.

But, probably, Bradford was not the gunman who shot and injured a 18-year-old man at the center, said the police. They said that the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is now leading the investigation.

"New evidence now suggests that although Mr Bradford could have been involved in some aspect of the change, it was unlikely to fire the rounds that the victim injured 18", said Hoover police on Facebook.

"Researchers now believe that more than two individuals are part of the initial change. This information shows that at least one stomach still remains bigger, which could be responsible for shooting men 18 and 12-year-old woman, "said police.

"Unfortunately our initial media release was not right, but new evidence indicates that it was not."

Monday Morning
Police: We can certainly say that Mr Bradford has sounded a gun;

Four days after the shoot, Hoover's police and Hoover city offered their sympathy with the Bradford family – but he insisted that Bradford had a gun sound.

Bradford had legal gun permission and was trying to help people, says his family

"We extend sympathy with the family of Emantic J. Bradford of Hueytown, who was shot and killed during the efforts of Hoover Police to get the scene in seconds after the original change and shooting , "said a joint statement from the city and police department.

"We can certainly say that Mr Bradford had sounded a gun during the seconds following the armed shows, which raised the feeling of immediate threat to contact police officers responding to the disorganized scene . "

Bradford's parents said their son had a license to carry a weapon.

Hoover police said the camera of officers and officers is now in the hands of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. It is not clear whether the ALEA will release those sections to the public.

Meanwhile, Bradford's parents told CNN that they were worried that the police had not yet reached them, almost four days after the son was killed by an officer.

"They have not told me anything yet. No one has responded," Bradford's father, Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Sr. "We have not received any calls and no apology."

Later on Monday morning
Bradford was not necessarily brandish a gun

Hoover police announced another explanation, saying that Bradford had a gun in his hand only:

"Earlier, we said that Mr Bradford had sounded a gun. In order to explain, the word brandish was used because Mr Bradford had a gun in his hand as police officers responded to & The operational shooting situation between center nurses. "

But to "brand" – according to the majority of definitions – it does tono or show a weapon in an aggressive or scary way.

In fact Bradford was trying to help people with security when he was shot, his family attorney, Ben Crump said.

Crump also said that Bradford had a license to carry a hidden weapon.

The shooter is still there

First Minister, Frank Brocato, said the state was still investigating the shooting, including searching for the suspect who is waiting a lot.

He also said that the city was in the process of requesting a meeting with the Bradford family.

Mayor and Hoover police have encouraged patience since the authorities of the state are trying to decide what happened. The police department has referred CNN to the ALEA questions.

But Crump said that Bradford's patience was wearing thin.

"Show us the video. Your words do not mean anything to them," said Crump on Monday.

Crump said he believed that the officer who killed "EJ" – one of the names of Bradford – had been blocked to judge.

"The officer saw a black man with a gun and made his decision that he had to be an offense," said Crump.

Jamiel Lynch, CNN, Hollie Silverman and Joe Sutton contributed to this report.

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