Friday , August 19 2022

The Antonio Brown mess shows a lot about it – and the culture of Steelers – The Athletic


In 2011, I worked for the NFL Network covering a preseason game on the field between Atlanta Falcons and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was week 3 "ready for the opener game", so there was a sense of intensity and importance for at least the first half. After the Steelers dominated, I got Antonio Brown's second year player for a post-login on the field. During the interview, lead coach Steelers, Mike Tomlin, walked before us and told Brown, "Stay bad and do not let him go to your head". Although Emmanuel Sanders was the team's recipient, Brown was making his case over taking that role playing with the field. Brown was afraid of Tomlin, "Yes, sir," and we continued with the interview.

From eight years, there are over 800 holdings and 78 touchdowns later, Brown posted incredible videos on Instagram and has forced his way out of Pittsburgh with off-field gardens. Brown must believe that his behavior is beautiful while those who make decisions …

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