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The 13 "Thanks U, Next" The Memes In Response to New Song Ariana Grande On Point – So


On November 3, in the year of our Lord 2018, Ariana Grande lost a new track, a surprise that has taken over the social media since then. Fans feel – like, in fact feeling it – and so, this collection of the 13 best sons was called "Thanks U, Next".

The song is pop, with no doubt, but also throws a tongue into some of a famous exes. In the track, Grande's name falls Big Sean ("Sean"), Ricky Alvarez ("Ricky"), Pete Davidson ("Pete"), to Malcolm McCormick and Mac Miller ("Malcolm") and say want to learn about them-and I'm going to get rid of them. And one of the most exposed words, she even admits she has met someone else – herself:

"I met someone else / We have better discussions / I know they say I'm moving too fast / But this is true / Cause her name is Ari / And I'm so good with that. & # 39;

"Ari", of course, is the singer himself, and the words have caused fans to incorporate the theme of the song themselves through memes. Big posted some of her favorite "U-Nights" Memes on her Instagram Stories, and thousands more of them turn up on Twitter and Instagram at the moment. (Okay, maybe not thousands, but close.)

They are all weird at a point, which makes it hard to narrow it down. However, for all purposes and purposes, here are the 13 best "Thanks U, Next" memorials on social media.

1Big, Release Song 30 Minutes Before Saturday Night Live & # 39;

Reference number: Grande "Thank U, Next" to the world just 30 minutes before it appeared on its latest ex-fee, Davidson, on Saturday Night. Although Davidson did not say anything about the big track of Grande, in particular, comment was made on breakdown during the show's Weekend Update segment.

The comedian explained:

"I know that some of you are curious about the cut, but the truth is that business is not anyone and sometimes things do not work out and that's fine. [Ariana is] a great, strong person and I really want her happiness all in the world. "

Davidson has not yet responded to the Grande-drop name in the song. It seems that they are focusing on moving forward now, however.

2Big, After she lost "Thanks U, Next"

3Fans Listening To "Thanks to U, Next" About The First Time

4When A Boy Is Calling Now

Sorry, I can not come to the phone at the moment. Why? Because she is dead (and focuses on her own love).

5Pan Grande said she was "Delivering a New Person"

Catch up. Did I meet someone already? * Get out of a chair * Stay. His name is … Ari? Ohhh, he really got it. * Picks yourself off the floor * Yes, daughter!

6When the First Women's Club & # 39; The One Message

@ ArianaGrande / Instagram

Grande posted a series of clips of the movie The First Women Club on its Instagram Stories, but one of them was particularly relevant to the words "Thank U, Next." In one scene, Elise, the character of Goldie Hawn, tells her non-male friends, "All we need is – three women who are not afraid to fight, to stand for our dignity, for ourselves -arch. " Yep. Great feelings exactly.

7Drink "Thank You Next" Up Like

@ ArianaGrande / Instagram

* Turn on "Thanks to U, Next." * "Oh, this is good. This is very good. * Contains a song again, goes on to continue to drink in its goodness to the foreseeable future. *

8When you do not get any rest but still feel anyway

9Reference Degrassi & # 39; Perfect

10Perfect Reference & Mamma Mia & # 39;

11Office Number & # 39; Perfect

Any fan of The Office know that this tweet of the official Twitter account of the show is freakishly accurate.

12Girl Girl Gossip & # 39; in Meme That Works * So * Well

@ ArianaGrande / Instagram

Hei there Upper East Siders. This one is from Girl Gossip – and although Chuck's actual response to Blair on the show is, "I'm really glad you," thank you "next" is almost a perfect place. Technically, it has three words, * letter * *, but anyway. Keep good. And the singer has posted it on Instagram, so you know it's true.

@ ArianaGrande / Instagram

13On Money & Exes After Hearing the Song

Hopefully, all of the Grandes have acknowledged the positive nature of the track, and they do not take a crime. If that is the case, the courteous response to someone who says "thank you [you], "of course," you welcome "- the song of Moana.

These moments for the big song of Grande are quite great – but while everyone enjoys it clear in its new pop, do not forget there's also a new album on the way. So, thank you, "Ariana, for this track. Next!

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