Sunday , June 26 2022

Tesla hires the meme man 's absolute unit; to run its social media


Apparently, Tesla has hired Adam Koszary, the man responsible for the meme "absolute unit", as his new social media manager.

Koszary, formerly the program manager for the Museum of Welsh Life, is known for tweeting a picture of a large ram from the museum account in April 2018. Heading: "Look at this absolute unit."

Lots of people he did look at that absolute unit, and so a really good meme was born.

But no gold can not wait. After a full calendar year in the "healthy" category, the meme was ruined last month when Teslan founder and CEO, Tesco, saw Elon Musk, in a tweet of the MIT Technology Review, then decided that he liked it. Even his Twitter Avatar changed to the sheep (the Exmoor Horned age ram) and his bio unit to "absolutt." (Since then both have been removed.) In response, the museum changed its avi into a picture of Musk. It was a whole thing, but at least Elon was not struggling with the SEC.

Now, Musk brings the absolute unit man on a full-time basis. "I'm no longer moving to the Royal Academy," Koszary tweeted on Tuesday. "Instead, I will be Tesla's Social Media Manager from July."

MIT Tech Review asked referral bonus.

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