Friday , August 12 2022

Team & Team Medal; New lets you change the GO Pokémon teams Once a Year



For many people, choose the team in GO Pokémon it was rather arbitrary. Although some players have undoubtedly researched Teams Instinct, Mystic and Valor – or joined the same team with their friends – many others were selected randomly or simply by their favorite primary color.

If you've been at your joy because each of you has chosen a different team, here's your chance to change the side. On February 26th, trainers will be able to use a Change Team, a new feature that … well, you'll probably guess what it's going to do.

However, the feature brings cafeattes. First, a Team Medal will cost you 1,000 PokéCoins – no also It's bad if you've been batting for the Nosebleeds Team since the start while your friends have been conquering each other with a pool. Secondly, you can only change a sensible limit, once a year. What is the point about getting teams if players can change relationships when dropping a hat?

Once you activate the medalion, any Pokémon in a gym will return without winning PokéCoins, so that's what to keep in mind before jumping on Team Bandwagon.

For many players, the team who started with them at the outset – although they did not think the choice had not been – had come home and never changed. We suspect that we will change the side, although this is a great feature for anyone who likes to go with friends but he chose badly when they started to hold their mobile phone.

Will you change the side, come on February 26th or are you #Team (INSERT-TEAM-HERE) and how long will you die? Let's know below …

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