Monday , June 27 2022

Space Station Commander Solutions The Top Question about Space Farts


If you've ever wondered whether farts were strong enough to drive you in space, the good news is that you're not on your own.

The best news is that that question has now been answered by someone who would know: the astronaut retired from U. Terry Virts, who has served as manager of the International Space Station and trialled; The Endeavor space shuttle during its two trips to space.

Well … they're not. We are sorry.

The conversation started, naively enough, with a tweet from astrophysicist Katie Mack on the plot device of magnetic shoes for use in non-gravity situations: t

That comment led to one Twitter user asking for another way to float around in space:

Within minutes, Virts – also known for his striking pictures of space – gave a solution:

The issue has come to the fore of the front. In an interview in 2017 with Gizmodo, shuttle astronaut Mike Massimino was asked about the possibility of being driven by space and sneezing farts.

"[I]You still have a true sneeze, and would give you a kick, yes, ”he said, but being driven by farts is“ easier to say than do. ”

He added that the bigger issue with farts was not driven but the poor air flow in a spaceship, which caused the smell of "socializing."

But at least it's better than Uranus. Jokes about the name of the aside, a study last year found that the atmosphere was filled with hydrogen sulphide, the same compound that gives farts and rotten eggs that are different scent.

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