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Sodom has destroyed asteroid: Biblical archaeologist claims


The effect of biblical contributions would have been: an upgrade asteroid spreads into a huge fire ball and a large crew over the Dead Sea.

The discovery and radiocarbon date of unusual minerals in Jordan suggest that this happens some 3700 years ago.

Trinity University's archeologist and biblical researcher Phillip Silvia says that initial findings based on crystalline rocks suggest that a huge massive meteor injects a plain 25km wide curve on the northwestern edge of the Dead Sea, now known as Middle Ghor .

In an introduction to the annual meeting of American American Oriental Research Schools last week, Silvia said that excavations at five Middle Gor sites showed that the area had settled for at least a period of 2500. Then, suddenly, the region suffered a collapse of collapse towards the end of the Bronze Age.

He says that surveys have revealed the remains of 120 other settlements in Middle Ghor, and all of them could have been exposed to fuel blast.

Now, "We highlight the largest Bronze Age site in the region, it is likely that the Bible Sodom site itself is the" diggers website "states.


Silva says that the ruins of the Tall el-Hammam city of Bronze Age, which he and his team have been digging for the past 13 years, provide the most introductory evidence of a meter low aerial.

Hammam includes acropolis built on the built-in palace complex. He looked out over the kilometer of a 200 square meter square of what was probably a small kingdom on the edge of the Jordan River.

"The site had begun (at least) during the 4th millennium BCE, flourishing for at least a thousand years as an open agricultural community," researchers write. "But at the beginning of the 3rd millennium LHB, there were dramatic impairments in the region's relative province, causing Tall el-Hammam residents to build an incredible defensive system which included a stone and mud brick town wall."

The kingdom continued to thrive. So, suddenly, he did not.

"Tall el-Hammam and his neighbors are very much … have suffered calamity that stops from a unique, unique civilization to the end of the Middle Bronze Age," it's they write. "Although there are cities to the west (Jerusalem, Bethel, Hebron), northward (It says, Pella, Beth Shan), and the east (Rabbath-Ammon, Tall al-Umayri, Nebo) remained in the Late Bronze Age, towns, and villages from East Jordan did not. "

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"The phenomenon that results in destroying the civilization of Jordan's wet plains and resistant resistance for so many centuries now emerges through analyzes performed by researchers 'impact by seven participating universities, "archaeologists' reports. "The most productive agricultural land in the region, which has supported civilizations should continue to flourish for at least 3000 years, suddenly abolish, then resist that human life for such a long time has asked for an investigation."


Silva says that the asteroid chocolate is likely to force a tsunami of dead sea charm over what was once fertile land. Those who survived of the 50,000 or people living in the area would have had to leave.

A paper published by Silvia and Steven Collins says this "confirms that Tall el-Hammam also tells him Correct Story – the evidence of destruction is consistent with Genesis 19: 22-28. "

King James Version: Then the LORD made rain on Sodom, and on the grain and fire of the LORD, from the LORD of heaven; And he overcame those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew up on the ground.

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Radiocarbon dating causes the clay brick walls to disappear suddenly – leaving behind stone foundations only – some 3700 years ago, he said. Known pieces of pottery, Silvia say, show signs of external layers dissolved into a glass.

Seconcon crystals in those glass films formed within the second phase of extreme heat blast, he added, indicating temperatures as hot as the surface of the Sun.

"The physical evidence of Tall el-Hammam and neighboring sites exhibits signs of a destructive and destructive thermal event that one might expect from what is described in Genesis 19," the study is read it. "Soil / ash samples collected from Tall el-Hammam include evidence of topsoil and subsoil destruction with Dead Sea salts that would have stopped crops to sing for many centuries following the incident."

Supports the aerospace theory was to discover small spherical mineral grapes that were raining down the ground following the explosion, along with unusual amounts of platinum balladium, said Silvia.

"A 10 megatons airbag product over the north east corner of the Dead Sea would be sufficient to produce the physical damage seen 10km away at Tall el-Hammam. Please note that only half of this product is the Tunguska atmosphere event (in Siberia ), as well as recent human experience for meteoritic oils, "the study reads.

The effect would cause Middle Ghor to remain unoccupied for another 700 years.

"Research results related to the" Kikkar 3.7KYrBP Event "are currently being produced for publication and presentation," the TeHEP website reports.

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