Thursday , January 27 2022

SNL’s Cecily Strong Is A Completely Nail ‘Witness’ Star Giyiani Mellissa Carone


Four weeks after sending Donald Trump with a dramatic piano performance of “Macho Man” by Alec Baldwin, Saturday Night Live he returned – as expected – with Rudy Giuliani’s election at a “hearing” from Michigan. And with Kate McKinnon playing the constantly booming Giuliani, all eyes were on that would immediately tackle the famous Mellissa Carone.

There was almost no way to intensify the absurdity of “Carone’s testimony,” but Cecily Strong did the best that anyone could, slipping his way through comments about having an “end of threat” and signing “After-David.” Eventually, Giuliani had to tell her, “Toots, maybe you want to pull it back a little, I’m worried you’re making us look foolish,” before letting out another fart.

“We must listen to our hearts and minds,” he said later. “And even though it’s a fraudulent erection, it can still get you pregnant.”

From there, SNL trotting out a growing series of “witnesses,” including a woman who claimed to have consumed Trump’s votes, a man abducted by aliens who filled absentee ballots for Joe Biden, and My Pillow guy Mike Lindell.

Another highlight of the sketch came when Chloe Fineman appeared as Nicole Kidman’s character from HBO’s The Undo. “Your honor, my husband Hugh Grant, is innocent,” he explained. “There is no way he could have been that murderer. It’s too hot and white. ”

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