If you have "Red Dead Redemption 2" we have advice and advice to help you

Out for more than a week now, the "Red Dead Redemption 2" video game has produced block sales and star reviews.

Want to know how to win the West in the world-wide adventure of Rockstar Games? We have gathered some advice and suggestions from Rockstar brain and video game journalists who reviewed the game to assist in their "Red Dead Redemption 2" checks ($ 60, for Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4, mature Mature for 17- up).

Camp Counseling Early in the game, your composer, Arthur Morgan, and the rest of the Van der Linde gang have set up a camp in the mountain Horseshoe Parade. As you earn money, you'll want to use the ledger to improve the camp, says Matt Bertz, Game Informer's managing editor, who reviewed the game for the site. Doing it "unlocking the ability to store horses, re-collect valuable consumables such as bullets, and travel very quickly to your camp," he said.

Arthur Gies, who reviewed the game for Variety, agrees. Upgrade "your camp to tier 3 to unlock fast travel … (s) one of the most important tips I can think about," he said. "It's still limited to a fairly small number of points around the world, but it can save a lot of time in different points."

Exploring the stunning scenery of the game on horseback is a pleasure, but sometimes you want to get somewhere fast. When your camp has upgraded, "you can travel quickly from the gang camp to any of the cities that you have visited," said Bertz.

Also, when upgrading the camp, make sure that enough bullet and health phones are available.

More travel developments. If you're riding with the gang, you can get your horse automatically following the crew. Just run the Run button (X on PS4 or A on Xbox One) and it will accelerate your horse and it will not be tired if you press the button regularly to keep it up .

Ultimately as you start making your way through the different regions, you may be tired of keeping that Run button. "Red Dead 2" has an app to solve that.

Before you go out on a trip, place a way on the map. Then, as you ride your horse, engage the cinematographic camera by pressing it down on the right. Then you can take your finger off the Run button and check the view. Change back to the third party and the first person's opinion by pressing down on the right.

Make sure you visit train stations because you can buy a train ticket that will let you travel quickly to nearby stations the train has already visited, as well as any other operational train station you have been.


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On the hunt. Early in the game, you'll end on a bear hunt with Hosea. You will encounter Legendary Tune. Make sure you continue with the hunt after you reach the bear. This will give you an early introduction to the Trapper and stealing you "an incredible cold weather hat," said the Rockstar gurus.

Also at the beginning of Chapter 2, you can start bringing crafting materials to the peat of the Pearson camp, and you'll make it a new and more starter pickup.

Before you hunt, read the Compendium for useful information about where animals can be found and what actions to use. When aiming for an animal, you will find a star rating for the celt or carcase of that animal. Only 3 star carcases can be used in crafting, and you must have a clean slaughter so that the cell can stay perfect.

Studying animals will give you useful information on how to get that clean kill. Do not forget to use your binoculars to track them from a distance. For smaller animals, use the varmint rifle and small game arrows.

Beyond the cell and the meat you kill it, you can collect fat that can be done when creating fire bottles (such as molotov cocktails) and explosive bullets . You can also sell fat to butchers and falts.

Also, you can collect bird plugs, which can also be added to the Trapper that can be used to add a taste to Arthur's hat.

Gunplay. Want to get some postgraduate guns early in the game? When in Valentine's town, talk to the biogator in the salts to start the series of Gunslinger, "The Noblest of Men, And A Woman" series. These optional stories give you access to some highly appropriate tools.

Times will face a number of enemies, so you'll want to take advantage of the Dead Eye feature, said GameSpot Link Editor, Kallie Plagge, who described the game as "emotional" and "spiritual-minded" in its review. "This is the ability that can slow down during the battle so you can extract accuracy photos on enemies," he said. To engage with Dead Eye, you hit RB on an Xbox One or R1 manager on the PS4.

"It's a great option in situations when you're overwhelmed, as you can target multiple enemies immediately and thinly out of the opposition," said Plagge. "You unlock capabilities such as targeting enemies in hand and even seeing places where your pictures are most deadly."

Horsing around. Your horse is an important part of your success, so take time to join. That's getting new abilities for you, like getting up and skipping to stop.

In addition to feeding and brushing your horse, another way of contacting your horse is to click on the left-handed horse riding to patio and to calm. Buying upper end saddles and diversions will increase the speed and acceleration of your horses.

"Feed, travel and brush your horse to accompany it, as the bond grows, you can call it from more distances, and it's learning new moves like strafing," said Plagge. "You can also cut wild horses, pick them up and sell for profit once they've trained well. The circle goes slowly and quietly."

And since you spent so much time connecting and improving your horse, make sure you get a horse-tonic identity in your list, so that you can heal your trust.

Focusing on waiting. As you go through the place of the century, choose a task and stick to it, says Chris Plante, executive editor and co-founder of Polygon video game.

A world-wide adventure, "Red Dead 2" allows you to explore beyond the story of the game to hunt, fish, collect money and other activities. But Plante said he had enjoyed the game more "as I focused on one activity at a time, for example, if I needed balls to the fancy costume craft, I went to hunt with purpose, bringing & # 39 ; r appropriate equipment: bait, tonics, rifle. "

Pointing out, he said, "allowed me to enter the moment, rather than treat all activities as an obligation on the way to whatever's next."

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