Tuesday , January 25 2022

Sandra Parks, who wrote a dissertation about gun violence, was killed by a roaming bullet


"Toddlers are suffering from sound gun violence," he said. "… I sit back and I have to escape from what I see and hear every day. When I do it; I come to the same conclusion … we are in a state of disorder. "

Two years after winning his essay award, bullet breaks down Sandra's bedroom window as she watched TV on Monday night. The wound bullet that dropped out of the home smuggled 13 year old, killing her, reported by CNN WISN affiliate.
"She took her as a soldier," said her sister, Tatiana Ingram, to her connection. "She walked in the room and said," Mama, I shot … "It was not even the bullet for her."

Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett, described the "shame" of gun violence in the city and across the country.

"Sandra Parks … went into a bedroom, she did not live," said Barrett at a news conference. "Sadly, someone who decided to shoot bullets in their house was caused by death and she died."

Prosecutors accused two men in the death shoot Wednesday, including one found hidden in a closet after the incident, reported the connection. It is not clear if the home had to target.

My child was not violent & # 39;

The parks, which was an eighth grade at Keefe Avenue School, wrote the dissertation in 2016, when she was in the sixth grade. He won the third essay in the competition.

"Our first truth is that we have to start caring for each other," he said. "We need to be empathetic and try to walk in each other's shoes … We will overcome when we love ourselves and the people around us. become our keeper of our brothers. "

He collected dozens of people for a watch outside Sandra's home, on Tuesday. They catch up a plaque with a dissertation as they reflect on their calls against violence.

His mother, Bernice Parks, said her daughter was constantly talking against violence. "My child was not violent. My child did not like violence," he said.

During an appearance on Wisconsin Public Radio last year, Sandra said she had chosen a subject of violence for her dissertation because of the constant news on shooting.

"All you are hearing about is someone dies or someone is shot and people do not think about his father or his son or grandchildren or not to kill, "he said.

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