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Ryan Reynolds’ Ad Match Hides X-Men Reference

Maximum Effort Ryan Reynolds has created a new ad for that is poking fun in 2020, including a dedicated doomed X-Men movie.

Finding laughter in the midst of ugliness has been an essential lifeline for many during the fast-moving line of kidney punches 2020, and Ryan Reynolds’ remarkable marketing company Maximum Effort has been a strange but reliable source of spells. With the awareness and sass required to undertake, well, everything this year has offered, Reynolds has unveiled a new ad campaign for’s dating service. Satan’s infallible romantic union and the perky physical embodiment of 2020 is a perfect parody. And, as an artist left his signature on a new painting, Reynolds made sure to sneak in a joke at the X-Menwear and tear.

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Amongst all the other visual gags and funny twists on classic romantic dialogue, Satan is taking his new date to the movies. Due to COVID-19, the theater is just as empty as the football fields and parks where the couple have gone for a lovely walk together. But to really rub salt into the wound, the movie the new love birds enjoy is nothing less than The New Mutants.

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The New MutantsHistory is almost as decorated as the fire of the eventual demolition of 2020. Originally slated for release in early 2018, reshoots pushed the film to the beginning of 2019 and then the end of 2019 as the reshoots were delayed and eventually not completed. After that, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, which captured nearly all of the X-Men movie rights, adding even more confusion to the pile. Fans wondered if New Mutants is going to be the X-Men ‘s formal entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the studios explained that it didn’t, and give The New Mutants another release date: March 2020.

Then the pandemic struck. Of course, coronavirus wreak havoc on the entertainment industry, and i The New Mutants, it meant being pushed back one last time to August in the hopes that theaters would be open and operating securely enough to attract audiences to see them by then. However, when it came out, the film barely made a blip on the radar. Viewers did not show because of COVID-19 restrictions a The New Mutants he was reduced to an unfortunate star in Fox’s history X-Men franchise.

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New Mutants Movie Poster Art

In Reynolds’ ad, Satan, which is similar to the shocking version of Ridley Scott’s cult film Myth, as if he were getting a pretty kick out of The New Mutants. And his noisy action sequences give him the opportunity to enact the classic first film’s first-date move of reaching out his arm and draping it over his date’s shoulder.

Reynolds has built a successful career around the self-aware humor he has become known for through his Deadpool persona, and has shown how to arm it in ways that don’t overuse jokes or dig too deep into a self-deprecating humor trap. It’s a good year for him to use his talents in new ways, and he and his Top Endeavor team have fulfilled their potential more than once, including with a new Match ad. With so many stuck at home wishing Satan and 2020 would dissipate a little, the development of their hilarious relationship, set to the tune of Taylor’s “Love Story”, is the kind of shameless laugh that everyone needed.

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