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Roadout Road Fallout 76 2019 Includes Raw Raw, Nukashine Brewing, And New Stories


Fallout 76 has now been out for 100 days, and Bethesda has a surprise in the shop for those who still play. The studio has revealed the 2019 road map for Fallout 76, which contains three significant discounts of content throughout the year. The map is a full way to see on the Fallout 76 website, but we have outlined the highlights below.

On March 12, Fallout is expanded into Wild Appalachia, which includes two new quests and a game mode. The quests, Shear Terror and Ever Up Up, contain new stories for you to follow; The first one focuses on legendary beasts while the latter has joined the Pioneer Scouts and won merit badges. The new game method, of the name Survival, is a high PvP variation of Adventure Fallout 76 mode. Wild Appalachia also includes several new features, including a way of exchanging your unwanted legends for new legends , setting up your own shop where you can sell to other players, and brew and distill your own recipes from Nukashine.

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In Summer 2019, the Nuclear Nuclear comes to Fallout 76, and brings the new style and features of a new game to the game. The new method, also known as Winter Nuclear, has not been detailed yet, but Bethesda has said it will "completely" change the Waste Land rules. A new pricing system will allow all level 50 players to follow new Legendary status and also unlock more powerful capabilities. Vaults 96 and 94 will also open, bringing challenging Raids to Fallout 76.

This fall, Fallout 76 gets in the final fall for the year, called the Wastelanders, which Bethesda describes as "a story with a true choice and" main "results new newsletter, new websites, new events, new features and even more staggering. "

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In our Fallout 76 survey, Edmond Tran wrote, "Bethesda has said he plans to continue to support the game for a long time, but at the launch, Fallout 76 is a bad experience. War voices And wonderful things, but go past that facade, past Cute Boy Vault animations, past familiar radio tracks, and you will not get any heart – just irresponsible empty land complained to be weird over and over. "

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