Wednesday , December 8 2021

Rites of the Whitey Bulger churches related to victims


The private funeral times for James "Whitey" Bulger held yesterday in South Boston was the height of "hypocrisy," said a brother who lost his sister to the mobster gang.

"What do we have to do? Say 10 Hail Marys and everyone will be forgiven? Why does this man have all his wishes?" It's sick, "said Steve Davis, who had his sister, Debra, was murdered in 1981 in the Winter Hill Gang game and left in a bitch grave at Quincy.

"There is a serial murder. I do not think he deserves a funeral Masser," said Davis to the Herald. "There is a hypocrisy. How could the church allow this? This is the world we live now, where everything is turned off."

Bulger ceremony at St Monica-St. Augustine Church was in the foot of the old Winter Hill Gang headquarters in a liquid store at Old Colony Avenue, the Boston Archdiocese was confirmed.

Among those who gathered to honor Bulger were the younger brother of William M. Bulger, former state president of the State Parliament and Massachusetts University, and Margaret McCusker, 67, Catherine Greig's wife's sister, the love of the Bulger prison and traveling companion during his 16 years y lam.

"At a pastoral care request and out to the Bulger family, I propose an Mass today at St Monica's Church in Boston for James Bulger," said Rev. James A. Flavin in a statement. "O respect for the family and those who were hurt, it was a private service only to the close family.

"The church is certainly aware of the deep pain that victims of crime and violence are innocent live with every day," said Flavin. "In my homily, I said, From the beginning of creation, God was bringing an order and peace in the midst of the chaos. When our parents were at Eden Garden, God sent his only son Jesus again to bring an order and peace to a disorganized world through his death on the cross. I am sure that God is present to all those who suffer disorder and pain.

"As Catholic priests we call to bury the dead and pray for the righteousness and mercy of God," said Flavin. "We trust our final judgment to God."

Bulger, 89, was beaten to the death of October 30 inside the Hazelton championship in West Virginia West after the Federal Prison Office was relocated from Florida, where he had five years to serve two life sentences for his role in 11 murder in three countries. As of yesterday, all prisoners still refused visits.

Federal authorities investigating the slaughter of Bulger are looking at two former mobsters from Massachusetts, Photios Geas, 51, and Paul J. DeCologero, 44, who are also prisoners in Hazelton.

Others who lost loved ones in Bulgarian's riot reign said they left a final ruling to a higher authority. "If there's something after life," said Tommy Donahue, who lost his father to Bulger, "I'm sure he is dealing with the bad part of it."

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