Friday , August 12 2022

Representative Clyburn: Democrats move on from Mueller, but still want to see the full report


The Democrats are moving on from the Mueller investigation and calling on President Trump, but they still want to see the full report of the special counsel Whip Major James Clyburn House, D-S.C. He said.

Clyburn called for the release of Mueller's full report during the appearance of “Time Overtime” on Tuesday afternoon.

“We want to see the full report, give us the full report, let's make our own minds. We have a brain on our side, ”said Clyburn when asked about the call for the full report to be released by 2 April.


Host Harris Faulkner asked Clyburn why Democrats continue to focus on the Mueller report and not move on to other issues.

“We are moving forward,” Clyburn responded before mentioning the Affordable Care Act, using rural broadband and infrastructure as issues that his party focuses on.

“You're the one camping with Mueller. We have gone on from that, ”said Clyburn to Faulkner.

Faulkner defended his questions saying that six heads of Democratic committees had called for the release of Mueller's full report before bringing the segment to an end for breaking news.


Earlier in the segment, Clyburn, a former daughter of Rashida Tlaib's, D-Mich, dismissed attempts to present a decision that would investigate President Trump about “impossible crimes.”

“They do what they think they have to do,” said Clyburn. “No one can stop me from introducing whatever decision I wish to make. I don't have to vote on it. I don't have to get support for it but you're free to do it. ”

Clyburn also responded to reports that Lord Trump's Department of Justice is presenting a legal case declaring the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

“That is running terrible… the president repeatedly said, he told us that he will protect people with existing conditions. No, you say the same law that protects people with existing conditions, its justice department… now asks the supreme court to dispose of it, ”said Clyburn.


“It seems to me that the president is not always here.” T

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