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Raw WWE Results, recap, reactions (November 26, 2018): The Worst ever


Perhaps this is my favorite episode of Raw that I can never remember to watch.

Who are you to be at the root, Folks? Brock Lesnar has the belt and she is away in the desert somewhere. Roman Reinforces have leukemia. Seth Rollins is off on an island in witches that gradually loses steam. So who's left?

Elias? Oh, so sorry. Elias beat him in an attack 3 at 1.

Finn Balor? Oh, I'm sorry. Balor was beaten in an assault 3 at 1.

Sasha Banks? Ah, I have to apologize again. She is away in a tag team that fights the same people freak for six months. The same could be said about Bayley.

Rousey Round? Oh, you mean that the lady is kind of tidy but keeps wearing costumes and participating in parts where she looks out horrible.

All that is left is Braun Strowman, and a god I hope you like a great deal. If not, you're out of luck.

And all, I do not know what to say at the moment. I believe that this will be a trend of this review. This show started with Elias being beaten by Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre and ended with Finn Balor being beaten by Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre. And I do not get it.

I can guess that the point is to build that vague and unpleasant resource when we call it "" heat, but everything you're building is conflicts with this crap. You build frustration. You build complexity.

I'm so tired of rooting for men and women who do not have a prayer to do anything meaningfully on the show. And I do not even know what else I'd say.

Rollins has an open challenge

You know what's great about the modern WWE? No matter how badly stories are going, as long as you have an exciting champion that can hold open challenges, it's quite easy to entertain a crowd. Everything that takes it is a surprise. So who would it be? After hiatus, who would challenge the Seth Rollins Intercontinental Championship? Would Lars Sullivan argue? Oooh! Why not return Beatt Wyatt?

… lol nevermind. It's Dolph Ziggler.

Look, that is strict and I just read. I think it's fair to note how immensely this game fits, but I want to see Dolph Ziggler like most of this show. Do you know why?

He has a very talented possession. He gave a great game with Seth Rollins and then did what he needs to do: he lost. Do not know that by Raw's condition these days.

So shout to you, Ziggler. It was not what I was hoping for, but you've been grieved and calm and give us a rare reason. Kudos.

Literally the worst segment

Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey's segment was so bad that I had to stop the show and leave the room.

This was my cut point with this show. I would have filled my country for one night.

Like … how do I even describe this? Have you ever seen a comedian bomb in sequence? Watch what would have been more entertaining than Nia Nia's promo. And its substance was fine, it's like. In essence, he argued that Ronda Rousey was in a tough time while Jax himself had been on fire recently.

But who caring? She was thriving for all and told me as the crowd sat in number. The only thing that responded was when it hurt Becky Lynch. If everything you have hurts another runner …

And then his time was Rousey, and his segment did not talk much better. His first lines did not make sense of blues, but fortunately he quickly reached his strengths by holding up and asking for a game by Jax.

And then Jax said she stalled for a time when Tamina had been in the circle with her through the time. And then Natalya seems to have Rousey been unable to handle herself. AND NO, the Squad Riott hit and run on Nattie so that the crowd had nothing to sail at all.

Yeah, so if the rest of this review is perfect, blame on this segment.

The rest

Ambrose wants to be vaccinated – Phosia developed these germs suddenly. He probably sees Rollins as a walking germ too.

I do not even know what to say. I guess it's a kind of bad? But like … I'm not a man.

Parti Tŷ Lucha def. The Reformation – I do not even know how to explain this, not to mention that I like it or not. Basically, the LHB has their own corresponding time and they beat the Modification in games by hand. It's probably the point to keep it back to the old fashioned fake, but it's not all that's interesting to me.

Drake Maverick pissed on Roode's costume – Fi in fact hate and show.

Ember Moon def. Alicia Fox – Curt Hawkins was ringide. Moons and Hawkins daunted with No Way Jose after. Yes.

Jinder Mahal def. Jose – lol

Alexa Bliss has a questionnaire – Fi in fact, The in fact hate and show. In essence, Bliss was trying to do what Corbin had to do with the start of some friends, but McIntyre or Lashley do not have the department for women to help.

This show was so bad that I was thinking of turning into my Cageside authorization badge.

Hope you enjoyed the review.

Scale: FF

Two F. Due to F.

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