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Rachel Weisz: Do not Ask Actors What It Like To Work With Women


The actress faced a double standard and received a prize at the Gotham 2018 Awards.

Rachel Weisz attends the 28th Filmmaker Independent Gotham Project at Cipriani Wall Street, in New York2018 IFP Gotham Awards - Arrival, New York, USA - 26 Nov 2018

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Rachel Weisz was the only member of the "The Favorite" trial to attend the Gotham 2018 Awards, and used her acceptance speech receiving this year's Special Jury for Ensemble Performance to send a powerful message to the press. He gave Gotham Weisz and co-stars of the Jury Emma Stone Award and Olivia Colman.

"I hope one day in the future that we are not very much, we do not ask us what she liked to share the screen with other women," said Weisz at the end of her otherwise voiced. "Because I do not think you ever ask those men. But we can be wrong."

Weisz was fun on the absences of his co-stars by bringing cardboard mask from Stone and Colman faces. The "Favorite" includes the three women as co-leaders, and a lot of their journey to the press since the movie launched at the Venice Film Festival includes questions about the This was as if they appeared in a mobile photo accused of women. As Weisz noted, male actors are rarely asked how to work against other male operators, and so they have a double standard to ask the female actors.

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Weisz "Favorite" stars as Sarah Churchill, the reliable advisor to Queen Queen (Colman). The advent of the character of Stone, Abigail Hill, assaulting a battle has turned to become the Queen's favorite. Fox Searchlight opened the film on December 23, where history became the first highest indie game from 2018 to date. Colman won the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival 2018 and presented for the Best Oscar Actors. Weisz and Stone are being campaigned for the Best Supporting Actress.

Earlier with the night at the Gotham Awards, Weisz paid this year's Actores Tribute. "Y Hoff" is also nominated for the Best Feature Awards and "Best Script Awards".

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