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Preview for November 19 Episode of WWE Raw After Survivor Surf Series PPV Bleacher Report


It was a clean sweep for Raw at WWE Survivor Series as the leading show dominated its SmackDown competition and established brand supremacy for the third year in a row.

Due to the phased pay disruption, the brand faces a troubled future in front of TLC: Tables, Lighting and Chairs on December 16, and will begin to build towards Monday night.

What can supporters expect from a hot show on the heels of one of WWE's cornerstone creatures?


Braun Strowman's Revenge

After winning the Team Raw victory by eliminating Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Shane McMahon to win a men's tag tag in Survivor Series, Braun Strowman will now have two things in conjunction with Stephanie McMahon for a week ago: and a Universal Match game against Brock Lesnar and the operation of the general manager of Raw Baron Corbin.

Just a few minutes after Shane's capture took up the victory, Strowman found himself a cheap receiver from Corbin.

On Monday, Monster Among Men is likely to break all obstacles and beat each door until he has his hands on the interim GM.

One of them who gets Corbin and makes it cost for her, he still sees the General Jewelery in Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, but one thing is Certainly: Strowman will be a war machine, ready to break the red brand separately if he loses his loss to Lesnar and Pummeling Corbin.

The same thing in favor of Corbin? The power given to him by Stephanie.

Perhaps he finds out a way out of the pain and suffering that he might bring, perhaps by recruiting someone to fight for him on his behalf?

Natalya and Ruby Riott Settle Their Differences

Ruby Riott was insulting the late Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart when the Hall of Famer solar sunglasses broke in the future, leaving his daughter, Natalya, a sobbing mess in the middle of the circle.

He took to mock Queen of Harts, and Sunday night– –just before Survivor Series wars WWE Network wars– –A brawl led between the assumed teams that Captain Alexa Bliss should start.

Monday, after weeks of increasing competition, it seems as if Raw women's dancing games fight in the single competition.

On Sunday, Natalya suggested on such a game:

Both women are strong workers, and with plenty of time, they could provide a sound match that continues with the wealth of the great girls on WWE TV late.

It made sense that they would not go on as a Sunday night co-team and Bliss would dismiss them. Now having a PPV frustration lost to fuel, they can also be a fight with shows if they can control their emotions.

Even more importantly, in order to order long-term, it could give fans the taste of the seriousness of WWE Creative in terms of The Squad Riott.

Shattered Native Bond

Dean Ambrose launched his last connection with The Shield weekly on Raw, and on Survivor Series, it was announced that The Lunatic Fringe will challenge Seth Rollins's former friend for the Intercontinental Championship in TLC: Tables, Lighting and Chairs.

On the heels of a difficult victory over Shinsuke Nakamura, Rollins will now turn his attention to fight the same man who was considering a brother.

Rollins has been waiting for her hands on Ambrose for weeks. As WWE starts pushing to TLC, however, do not be surprised if the Lunatic escapes physically narrowly with The Architect. After all, real ass-kicking is the type of payment payment that you're waiting to bring the phased charge itself.

Both have magic chemistry and their only detention allows them to build heat for their game and inevitably creates an even more valid interest in the game and the result.

We've seen them fighting a number of times before, but a character reversal will help to clean things when they finally leave in to the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

Rousey's response

Round Rousey has suffered a casual assault on Charlotte Flair's hands on Sunday in Survivor Series, with a body being transported following a number of kendo-stick shots up and down.

The post-game angle may write Rousey out of the TV for this week, but if not, the fighting world will remain on its response to Flair.

Beyond that, Rousey needs to keep her eyes at the back of her and near competitors because she has a title defense against Nia Jax coming up, probably in TLC.

The Baddest Girl on the Planet is fresh from another holiday payer game, and after getting boos for the first time running with the company, she should leave back, especially if She will start her program with the Tropical Fly Force.

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