Many people are injured, including a police officer, after shooting at Mercy Hospital in Chicago, the police said.

CHICAGO – A Chicago police officer and two hospital workers were killed on Monday by a gunman who made a gray attack in a city hospital.

The police reported that the officer fell with Samuel Jimenez, a young cop with less than two years with the department. Hospital officials said that Tamara O 'Neal's doctor and pharmacist's first year Dayna Less were the other victims in the afternoon shooting at Mercy Hospital on the South Side.

The unidentified shooter was also killed at the event. Was related to O. Neal, as a result, by family members who spoke to correspondents.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is known as a destructive moment for a city that has, for many years, suffered stunning levels of gun violence. It was the end of a day that started with the city celebrating the rank of the newest class of 88 police officers and promoting 275 detectives, sergeants, allies, evidence technicians and new field training officers.

"Chicago city doctor, a pharmaceutical assistant, and a police officer who went for their day, lost all they did what they loved," said Emanuel. "These tears are on the soul of our city."

The highest prosecutor for the Chicago area, Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx, said the unexpected hospital violence.

"The violence that happened today at Mercy Hospital is horrible," says Foxx on Twitter. "The County mourns victims of their lives, including the CPD Officer Samuel Jimenez for making the greatest sacrifice to save the lives of others. We can raise the families of those who have damaged and ill; n city. "

Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson, said the incident was triggered by a domestic change that started outside the hospital between the gunman and the Neal.

Neal arrived at the fan and place, and the gunman came to pick up her shirt, displaying a hand goal before shooting at O. Neal, Johnson said.

Johnson said that the gunman, who was armed with an individual lantern, had also fired pictures on officers who had reached the scene and hit the squad's car before going to hospital. Additional officers arrived in the scene and contributed the gunman for several minutes inside the hospital.

Llay, the pharmacy resident, was shot as she walked away from a lift, said Johnson.

"That woman goes off a lift and was shot, why?" Johnson asked.

Patrick Connor, who is the head of Mercy's emergency department, said that Mrs. Neal, 38, who grew up in Portage, Indiana, was "one of the most interesting and active people right ". Llay, a recent graduate from Purdue University, had been in hospital since July, said Connor.

Johnson said that it was not clear if the gunman was killed by a police gun gun than his own wound.

Steven Mixon, emergency room clerk, Chicago Tribune he was staying outside the hospital about Uber when O. Neal saw "being harassed by someone from a keeper." She said she gave her the best to come to her.

Mixon said he did not do it before the shooter started shooting.

"I think that's not my time to go because I had done it, I would have died too," said Mixon.

Jimenez, who was married and father to three, had just brought a necessary test period with the department.

Another officer was hit by bullet in his holster during the disorganized exchange but was not seriously injured, police said.

The officer praised Kevin Graham, president of the Police Fraternalil Police Union, president of Chicago.

"Today, the Force Feudal Order lost a valuable brother – a policeman, a police officer who raised this morning, went to work and wanted to protect the city of Chicago," said Graham. "He did that exactly, but he did that with his life."

Johnson said he was sure the police response quickly saved a lot of lives. Jimenez and his partner were not given the call but responded anyway.

"There's no doubt that I think that all those officials responded were heroes," said Johnson.

Steven White, a hospital patient who had been waiting to release, said the shooting started at the entrance to the emergency room.

"White," said Pow, pow, pow, "and said, who was treated for dehydration at the hospital.

White said she could see the woman lying on the ground through the window.

"You see such things on TV, but to see someone so awful," said Gwyn. "It was like he did not have any pledge."

The gunman attacked the building, and the police officer was prosecuted. As the presenters took a cover, White said, the gunman fire heard half a dozen shots.

Pharmacist, Joan Fortune, said she and colleagues talked to patients near the entrance to the emergency room when the ditches were breaking.

Immediately, a technician came down safety shutters and said many people in their workplace, said Fortune.

"We heard a lot of scams and argues," said Fortune. "We stopped barricaded for about 30 minutes until the police arrived (and we left), and we left (out)."


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Monique Hubbard, a pharmacy technician, said she had heard a number of shortcomings before and after they parked herself and others.

"At one point, we could hear him shake the security shutters," said Hubbard.

Mercy Hospital officials said workers were only going through an operating shooter drill last month.

"A hospital should be a safe place," said Connor. "All American shooting is tragedy. It's a national tragedy. It's a great sense when shooting occurs in a healthy hospital spirit."

Chicago recorded 762 kills in 2016 and 650 in 2017. The city had recorded 488 kills for 2018 on November 11, more than any other city in the United States but a decrease of 18 per cent of last year.

Jimenez was the second police officer of Chicago Police killed in the city in 2018, and the 48th officer was shot and killed in the nationwide duty this year, according to Down Officer's Reminder Page, trace such deaths.

In February, Cmdr. Paul Bauer, a soldier of more than three decades in the Chicago police, was shot dead when facing a man who had run from police officers, during an event in downtown Chicago.

The Mercy Hospital and the Medical Center established in 1852 is a 292-bed Catholic teaching hospital.

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