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Pokémon: Let's Get It Pikachu & Eevee! review – classic children, refurbished | Games


A An incredible movie can be easily shared with the next generation, but the compressed video games of the 1990s can now look unusual, even if they are as fun to play as ever. The early visits of Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog may have declined the years well, but Pokemon: Red and Blue, the fifth generation's institutional text. The original ones, after all, have played on a two-inch Game Boy screen.

Pokémon: Let's Eevee! Let's Go Pikachu! Transformational traces of those 20-year-old games for the Nintendo Switch, featuring bright, beautiful cartoon graphics and characteristic animation to replace the monochrome peak projections of Kanto 1997. Yet the imagination and wonder of the These creatures and this world, where children venture out to find their own fate in the company of loyal pets, is as curious as ever. When collecting and battling the original 150-year-old creatures, he meets a special team of six to undertake the Careers of the Assembly and Elite Four to become the best and world-wide Pokémon coach, looking back, Fable for perseverance, loyalty and self-determination.

Pokémon is a classic fantasy of children's empowerment. Like Narnia Funds or Harry Potter, it gives children the world in which they are in control and parents are background figures that give them a smile. It also gives them a key to a universe of information beyond reaching adults: hundreds of creatures, their thousands of movements, their status and transfers have been recorded enthusiastically by generations of children. During my first few hours in Kanto, I restart this information sheet to hide in my memory: details about rotating types, where rare creatures could be found, which Pokémon can be evolved with mysterious stones and melodies of the TV series that I have recorded seriously on VHS tapes with self-illustrated labels.

Of course, a Pokémon has changed over the decades and Let's have many ideas and adaptations of more recent games. Your favorite Pokémon can walk around the world with you or, if they are big enough, you can ride on their backs. His first Pokémon is not a choice between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, but between Eevee and Pikachu, his two most massive, most permanent and most popular mascot mascot. And your relative to that particular Pokemon defines the game more than anyone else. You can animal your pokemon, feed them, wear them and your character up in uniforms. He offers you a best life-long friend, like Ash and Pikachu in the long-running anime series.

But the most fundamental change has been inspired by the original developer of Game Freak, but by Niantic, the creators of Smart Pokémon smartphone sensor. When you look at the world and creatures fighting each other, Let's Play Pokémon play as a Red, Blue and Yellow Boy Boy. But still creatures work so that it's Pokémon Go. Instead of trampling in patches of grass that hopes to find rare creatures, you can see them turn around and follow those you want to catch. Instead of fighting a wild Pokémon until it's weak, you just throw Pokéballs to catch.

Let's Go Go Pokémon Test.

Fable for perseverance, loyalty and self-determination & # 39; … Let's Go Pokémon Football Photo: Nintendo

It has a huge streamline of Pokémon, making it more fun and accessible but significantly less challenging and dramatic (outside an outstanding Legendary Pokémon, which is still being fought before they can be catch). It makes it easy to run around holding 30 Psyducks, if that's what you want to do. Some older Pokémon players have complained that it is too simple – but they're losing the point of these remakes. I've played Let's Go Pokémon with two little girls love, with some people around 30, with a curious 12 year old and – rather unsuccessful – with my little son. None of them cared for the integrity of a 20-year-old Pokémon procurement mechanism. They look after what's fun.

This is a pokemon game that combines old and new, designed to play across generations and with families by potentially shared between the original 90s Pokémon trainers and children themselves. Turn on Switch Switch's controller and another trainer falls on screen, allowing you to lead a younger child through Kanto or work with each other to get rid of trainers' competitors and catch everyone. He does everything he can to welcome any player, no matter how young or inexperienced. Pokémon bones: Let's be 20 years old, but in 2018 it's ideally playing something so hearty, healthy and charming.

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