Thursday , August 11 2022

Oregon is becoming the first state with compulsory rental controls to tackle greenhouse housing costs


Oregon could be the first state to impose mandatory rent management laws as it faces rising housing costs.

The bill has led to the state down after it was approved by the House Committee on Human Services and Housing on Wednesday, according to The Oregon.

The bill would prohibit annual rent increases of more than 7 per cent and inflation. It would also prohibit landlords from turning tenants without a case after 12 months of residence.

Democrats, including state governor Kate Brown, the support of the bill.

"I'm looking forward to signing the bill," he told the reporters, according to the Associated Press.

The bill would become law if Brown signed him. But Republicans wanted to apply a clause to defer from coming into force until 2020.

Squarehouse house prices have been plagued by the West Coast, including Oregon, and contributing to high rates of homelessness.

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