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Only one game will chase the MVP long-term Kia


Tonight on TNT: Rockets against Bucks, 8 ET

In a perfect world – or at least a perfect world evaluation for NBA-mail ceremony – Giannis Antetokounmpo and reigns Kia MVP James Harden would go to the top in the Finals. They and their teams, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Houston Rockets, would showcase their skills, their ability to compete and their full effect, not just on random nights in basketball games. randomly, but also in capturing the championship.

They would show, in word, their value. To the teams and to win, compare them with all other players in the league who watch from their homes.

James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo bring unique features to the MVP discussion.

It 's it could happen. It is possible that the Bucks and the Rockets could meet in the Final to set up this dream MVP contest. However, long shot? Apart from that, in the current “imperfect” system, votes are due by the end of the regular season.

As long as the two leading candidates for the NBA's single main prize on the court with each other, we have to settle for a regular regular Rockets` visit with Milwaukee tonight.

And let's be honest, a ruling that exists to honor player value over 82 games will not be determined by the result or the statistics in one conflict. Still, voters are likely to be watching in order to search for subtle, tone and 1.2% of the extra data when trying to make an informed choice.

When these teams are Last meeting on January 9 in Houston, Antetokounmpo had 27 points on an 8 -16 shoot, 21 rebates, five assisting and three turnover in a 116-109 victory. Harden finished with 42 points on 13-of-30 with 11 tables, six assisting and nine turnover.

Two players are distanced from the pack in this MVP race.

At this stage of the term, what we are realistically discussing is More Valued Player because this looks like a two man race. Others have had great seasons and three in different combinations will end on voter voters' vote.

But Antetokounmpo and Harden seem to be distanced from the competition, because of their individual excellence, the fortunes of their teams, some raw statistics and a bunch of intangible things playing since October.

That is a broad definition of “precious,” the key to this award and a word that can be so disrespectful at times like this. In 2016-17, when trying to choose between Harden and Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City, in a similar favored MVP race, a panel of NBA experts on NBA.com was asked to specify their voting criteria.

The result? Podge-podge of standards and measures. All of them are legal, by the way.

“I've said all over that there is a complex matrix of factors that are going to make this vote,” said our man Sekou Smith. John Schuhmann's colleague put it in this way: “My vote went to the person who had the biggest impact on why a good team was good.” Others referred to an instinct reaction or general value only.

Learn some great plays from Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden this season.

My definition of MVP sought to show how difficult the term can be. “The best player on the team with the best record,” I wrote then. “Unless it is a star who has done something masterfully statistically and artistically over the 82-game canvas, regular season. Unless it is the man who is most responsible for boosting his team beyond the predictions of the experts. Unless he is a player that doesn't benefit from playing alongside All-Stars or other prize winners, so he has to carry the heaviest load for six months. Unless he is a fellow who elects his fellow team members and training staff so that they are recognized with their own honors and awards. Unless he was a performer without them his team would fall the most in the platforms, as determined by, uh, our imagination. ”

Some combine, in other words, with analyzes and an eye test. And thanks to the idea of ​​“precious,” our source of endless arguments and therefore inadvertent invention by the NBA and other alliances.

Some sports choose the “Player of the Year” award, which tends to be more person-centered, eliminating some of the team component. If that were true in the NBA, a Harden might be the easiest choice. We are quick to be the first player in the NBA history to an average of 35 points and seven helping in a season (Nate Archibald, in his famous season between 1972-73, led the league in both categories). with 34 ppg and 11.4 apg.) He has scored 50 points or more eight times, twice at the top of 60.

James Harden talks to NBA TV about his term, the MVP is pursuing more.

It is not his offensive style “iso” the most pleasant in terms of aesthetics. Harden has improved in effort and effectiveness in defense, but set an extremely low bar at the end for much of his career. He was carrying Houston through a number of injuries, especially for the court partner Chris Paul and the big man Chris Capela, and he has helped the rockets to Best NBA 14-3 mark since the 2018 NBA All-Star.

The Antetokounmpo statistics – 27.4 ppg, 12.6 rpg and 6.0 apg – also strengthen its case, as these numbers were only generally compatible with Hall of Famer (and the Bucks legend). He is the leader of the league in unsupported logs and sports is the best field goal of this season (58.2 per cent).

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