Sunday , June 26 2022

One of the best podcast apps, Pocket Casts, is just a big redesign


Many months after the podcast app Pocket Casts was procured by a mix of public radio stations, today announcing release of a major update. Version 7.0 brings together a refurbished design and a handful of new features that I've appreciated over the past few weeks. The appearance of the app has changed slightly, but it still feels like Pocket Casts.

Here are some of the main improvements that you will see when installing the update today on iOS and Android.

  • Play unsubscribed chapters: This is a great one and perhaps my favorite one. Now you can pull a podcast up and jump into a specific episode without having to commit to the whole series – even temporarily – with a subscription. So, if you've heard of a great interview or something else that needs to be heard, it's very simple to start listening.
  • Looking for papers: Pocket Casts' search powers are becoming much better in version 7. You will find the "search episodes" text field on the main page of each podcast, allowing you to disable what is shown to the chapter only with & # 39; the hotel you're looking for.
  • Better discovery: Departments joined as "great for children" and other, more balanced sections highlighting podcasts, joining Trending projects and major podcasts. For me, this is definitely as if it had been a great focus for the new owners of Pocket Cast. Loading podcast is too real, so it's important to help people find new things without having to feel too.
  • Up next syncing: I'm not a lot of queue when it comes to audio programs, but for those who are, you're likely to be pleased to hear that Pocket Casts is now an Up Next synch across devices.
  • Listening history: Pocket Casts is already telling you how much time you've spent listening to podcasts, and now there's a more detailed episode listening episode if you like to look exactly exactly the all those hours went.
  • Better Apple Watch Support: Pocket Casts has given more work to a companion app on Apple Watch. But there is no offline support yet. Chief product officer, Russell Ivanovic, said, "I do not know we'll totally ship it. For me, it's an ambitious feature, of course, I would like to go to jogging without my phone and listen to podcasts! "No one will almost use." I hope it's a ship, because I'm definitely in the camp. People who would like to leave their home phone and get podcasts available to me. (Yes, I'll know that some of the Pocket Cast competitors are already doing this.)

Pocket cassette

You do not turn left or right on screen now to see a chapter description or check your queue. The ones are now just buttons at the bottom. (Yes, I missed the swiping a bit.)

But there are a lot of small, nice touches, such as pressing and holding the top of the app to alternate alternatives between regular methods and sting. Now Siri's Short Support is now. And Pocket Casts recognizes season / episode numbers. Overall, Pocket Casts 7.0 contains useful improvements and I have not found many things that appear worse after the update. And that's right, right? Once you've found a podcast app of choice, it's a lot to consider something else even. And this is one that's easy to value the few tickets that you'll pay for – now even more so.

Pocket cassette

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