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Massachusetts beer writer writes a final column to give a chance to live & # 39; himself


The local beer author of Massachusets who has set the "Beer Nut" column for more than 12 years decided to put it on Wednesday to give him the opportunity to live. "

Norman Miller said he finished the column because of the doll that he took on his body. He wrote in his final column on Framingham's Metro West Daily News. The city is about 25 miles west of Boston.

"That's not hyperbole, this is the truth. My way of life is dead. I'm middle aged and obese," Miller wrote. "I need to make changes so I can see 45, with no mention of 50 or more."

"Beer has become more than just a drink that I enjoy, it has become a part of a person. I just write the Beer Nut column, I AM the Beer Nut," he said . "But, if I want to live, I can not be the Beer Beer any longer. And to be unclear, I'm sure."

Miller said he was sitting down several nights a week and could have five or six beers sitting.

"I'll get more calories through beer or food but drink a few days a week," he said.

He said that obesity is still up to him as he gets older, and that pressure has been a lifelong struggle.

He has to go to the emergency room twice for stomach problems, saying he is not ready to say goodbye to the number of people he is caring for in his life .

"I want to live to be there," he said.

Supporters on social media left comments to encourage author.

"Norm is more important to the world than BeerNut," @JohnVaudo he wrote on Twitter.

Miller intends to continue his constant work on the crime beat, which is his main hit for the local newspaper, Boston Globe reported. He said he also enjoyed that, he said the report.

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