Saturday , May 28 2022

Mark Zuckerberg told all Facebook operators to use Android phones


Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's Chief Executive ordered his management team to use Android phones only Y New York Times. The decision that happened after Apple CEO Apple Cook criticized Facebook in an MSNBC interview for being a "trading" service in your personal life. "

In those comments made back in March, Chef refused a question asking him what he would do if he was in Zuckerberg's shoes dealing with the Cambridge Analytica scandal by saying, "We will not be in this situation. " Comments "Stunning" Cookie Zuckerberg, according to the NYT. In an interview with Resubmit, Zuck said he found that Cook's comments were "exceptional glibes," and that "I think it's important that we do not all have a Stockholm syndrome and let the companies who works hard to get you convinced that they really care for you. Because that sounds astonishing to me. "

"We have long been encouraging our employees and operators to use Android because this is the most popular operating system in the world," said Facebook in response to New York Times article.

Although not clear from the NYTs saying that Cook's aggressive comments triggered Zuckerberg directly to issue his Android command alone, he still has a reasonable decision to make Android operators use Android. Android is the leading operating system in several regions outside the US, including South America, Europe, Russia, South Asia, and Middle East parts.

It's also a good business decision. Other technology companies such as Snap have strongly encouraged employees to use Android phones. US technical workers tend to use these smaller phones, which create a blind place while working on the apps. Android and iOS have real differences that could affect the development of app and user experiences.

Having said that, we checked Twitter activity from a number of Facebook operators, including David Marcus and VP of AR and VR Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, all of which are still using iPhones, so it's & # 39; It was possible that Zuckerberg's order had not been fully enforced or that all of these people used iPhones in their personal lives.

Update November 15, 4:42 AM ET: An article was updated with a response from Facebook.

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