Monday , January 18 2021

Lucy Flores, accused of Biden, says he would still support Biden over Trump

Lucy Flores, the accused woman former Vice President Joe Biden of making her uncomfortable by gripping her shoulders and kissing her head several years ago in a political event, she says that Biden would still support Biden in a general election game against President Trump.

When asked if she would support the former vice-president if he won the Democratic nomination, Flores, Democrats who served at the Nevada National Assembly and supported Sen Bernie Sanders. about the nomination in 2016, to anchor CBSN, Tanya Rivero, "That's not even Of course, we'll support Biden."

But at the same time, Flores personally believes that Biden's actions disqualify, along with his previous "anti-abortion" stances, he said. Flores approved Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Biden announced a weekend statement saying he was think he had never "acted inappropriately" and he had no ill intentions but he will listen to those who might say otherwise, after Flores claimed that Biden had kissed the back of her head during a campaigning event in 2014.

Flores is not satisfied with Biden's response, saying that he fails to acknowledge that such behavior is inappropriate, "period."

"I believe, in terms of when he is talking about his etcetera motivation, we also need to recognize that it is not about the person at the end of that behavior, behavior. T unpleasant, and the way in which that person makes that person feel, especially, especially in a situation where you have a power imbalance of such, "Flores said to CBSN.

Over the weekend, former Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Stephanie Carter, wrote a “Medium” post after social media reshaped the image of Biden touching her shoulders and pressing it into; w ear during swearing ceremony. Many interpreted the picture as an example showing Biden behaving inappropriately, but Stephanie Carter insisted otherwise.

Biden spokesman Bill Russo criticized reports that have referred to “similar cases, which have been well documented, where the vice-president crossed a line between loving or supportive behavior and something – however unintentional t – more inappropriate or unacceptable, "he said in a statement. And Russo pointed to Stephanie Carter and Parliament Chris Coons, who felt the need to speak out in order to correct impressions about photos with Biden who has being turned into something inappropriate by "right wing trolleys" and others.

Flores said that Carter's “Medium” job is still “completely in line” with everything he says because what is most important is how the interaction of such makes to the recipient feeling.

"It was considered an open secret that he had behaved inappropriately with women," Flores told CBSN.

"She clearly has a personal relationship with him," but "I didn't," said Flores too.

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