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John Mara (his father) made this pledge to Giants supporters 19 years ago: Has it been broken with Eli Manning?

No wonder John Mara was annoyed by the suggestion that he managed the giants' feelings.

This goes back much further than Giants icon Eli Manning and its final audited seasons. The co-owner and main decision-maker of the franchise decided decades ago not to make the same mistake personnel with his father.

So, when Mara's voice rose a bit of negligence, her face went wild and her fingers last week when they were asked to stick to the 38-year-old Manning's quarter-back, because he was accused of break a pledge made to fans.

In August 2000, when John was obviously going to succeed in his father Wellington at the top of the organization, John gave a progressive interview to the Star-Ledger. The words he said have never been more relevant than at present.

The new Giants had forced into the retirement center of Brian Williams, an 11-year-old veteran near Manning's status.

Wellington pleaded with Williams, who even admitted being washed up, to return for one more season rather than to drop in. But the Giants, led by John, offered a minimum wage and the possibility of being cut in a training camp.

“In the past, my father would have made him a coach or a job in the front office,” said John at the time. “It was too loyal to people who had been with the organization and made great contributions. But they were never the best qualifications to be in leadership roles. It took us decades to recover from that. ”

After winning the fourth NFL championship in 1956 and reaching the championship game but losing five times in a six-year period from 1958-63, the Giants discovered distress. There were two winning seasons and no playoff games from 1964-78.

There are no banners hanging from aircraft flying above the Meadowlands, but the Giants are in the dark days yet.

Is it just the beginning? The center? Are they almost over?

“Loyalty is a great feature, but you have to know when to be faithful and when to do what is best for the organization,” said Mara in 2000. “I don't want to go back to those days. They were painful decades. ”

Since winning XLVI Super Bowl in February 2012, Giants have one playoff (and no win) appearance in seven seasons.

They are tied with the Browns with 24 NFL-high loss in the last two seasons with each other, but the Browns tend to increase thanks primarily to drafting the quarterback. very young (Baker Mayfield) when the Giants passed a similar opportunity and to trade with the Giants for a wide mercurial receiver Odell Beckham.

The poor John called on keeping Manning a “football decision” and said he was “going under my skin” to read the Giants keeping their Super Bowl MVP two-time as the starer because of feelings.

“That's absolutely lol,” said John last week. “Do I feel some feelings towards Eli? Of course I do. And would I ever let that go about making a football decision? Not completely!

“I would never tell the coach or the general manager, we have to keep this guy because we love him and because he has done so much for the franchise. # 39;

"Make a football decision based on whether you think it can play or not. If you think it can, if you have a conviction and the instructor has a conviction, there is a t I'm never going to interfere with that on the basis of my feeling towards a player. ”

Another missing season in 2019 – the final year of Manning's contract – could force John to prove it in a difficult place. Already asked about a contract extension to Manning, John said that the plan is to take it a year at a time.

“It will make a great owner,” said Wellington of his son to The Star-Ledger in 2000, five years before his death. “In terms of letting a player or coach go, sometimes I find it difficult. But John can see past the sentimental.

"Because he was raised with the Giants, he has a great sense of the history of our family and this team, and he loves him as much as any of us. That's what we have." lead it. "

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