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Indianapolis Colts Eric Ebron can become one of the best IT & NFL TEs


Changing scenes can be good for the soul, and surely it seems that this is the case for the tight end of Indianapolis Colts, Eric Ebron.

Ebron was the 10th overall choice in the NFL 2014 draft by Lionsau Detroit (Odell Beckham came to the 12th, and Aaron Donald was the 13th), but never played his best choice during his time in Detroit. After a total of 2,070 yards in four terms, it was released before signing with this overseason with Indianapolis.

With a new team, it is clear that Ebron is developing his true potential. At the moment it is at an amazing 822 yard speed of 16. That capacity was fully displayed in each Colts 29-26 over Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 10.

Ebron scored three touches – two received and one rush – as he runs through the defense of Jaguars to help move the Colts to victory. Here's how he could have a big day – and how the Colts can make sure he continues to cut a season.

The Jaguars left Eric Brooks the hell open

Eric Ebron's party Jacksonville was started by leaving it widely open on the first possession of the Colts game. Ebron reached a standard corner route, but nobody on the Jaguars was covered. This left widely open to an easy touch of 53-yards to begin with the day.

The Colts then got a bit creative on the frightening of Ebron a day

Ebron is an explosive athlete, so it's smart for Colts to see what other ways they can get related to their offensive assault. On her recurring day, the Colts used it in the run game to weaken it free for touching.

Colts coach Frank Reich arrived in a bag of tricks by calling back at Ebron on the fifth line as the quarter ended. The incredible Colts line was fake correctly so they blocked back as Ebron and the other stunted heads went into the endzone. This was a nice play design to give Colts the lead in the second quarter.

And finally, Jacksonville Ebron left for the hat

The last touchdown of the April day was just as easy as the first one, with Jacksonville losing the Ebron track on both scores.

Indianapolis was running a simple concept that had one deep path, run by Ebron, and one shortcut to the right of the field. Andrew Luck was read on streamlined play as the Jaguars did not even bother guarding the path given by Ebron on his side of the field.

How can Colts help Ebron to continue his success?

Ebron has been a monster in the redzone this season, and the Colts have done a great job of shadowing open. Here's an example of his Thursday night match against the Patriots back in Week 5:

They corresponded to Ebron up on a slower plane in Dont and Hightower and was able to go easily for touching a man's attention. Ebron's athletics also helps him in catch-up situations – he starts to turn into a player who just needs to throw the ball before him to play.

This play against Washington is a perfect example of boxing Ebron as a back shoulder defender:

Here's another example of Houston's 4 Colts vs. Texans game. Ebron can leap over two Houston defender on the goal goal for touching.

Ebron's explosive Week 10 performance was just the hardest game it will play in, but it's been fun to watch in creating a career year with Colts. When going to this season he had 11 drugs receiving a career – he now has nine only receive touchdowns in 2018.

Ebron has already shown that he has more than enough athletics to make special plays on the ball. If he can continue to develop his admission skills, he will be well on his way to become one of the leading leading and alliance heads.

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