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Ian Book notre Dame Ian Book completed for Florida Florida game with injury injury


Ian Book, Notre Dame, Ian Book will lose a Saturday match against Florida State due to injury injury, according to multiple reports.

Coach Brian Kelly is expected to give an update during his Thursday afternoon news conference.

Irish Illustrated and The Athletic said Book had suffered the injury during 31-21 wins last week in Northwestern.

Book Brandon Wimbush's place as the first in Week 4 at Wake Forest, and the Notre Dame crime has flourished. He has completed 74.5 percent passing by 1,824 yards with 15 touchdowns and four interventions.

Wimbush has completed 55.3 percent for 589 yards with one touch and four interruptions in four games (three starts). He has rushed for 144 yards and one touchdown. Wimbush started 12 Notre Dame games during the last season.

Kelly addressed the role of Wimbush during his news conference on Tuesday.

"It's been great," said Kelly. "It's been a great deal of self, it's been a great team team for Ian Book, quite genuine. It has been as supportive of any player on our team I've ever had to train. there for him in the lesson room during half term. The first one who sits with him and speaks through what's going on, what we need to do is Brandon Wimbush .

"You have to wait already. Who knows what's happening right? Every week we remind you. He knows it's one step away from Going back on the field It has practiced very well. That's the biggest thing, more than anything else, it's easy to lose your side when you're not starting He has fought that. So he has been a great team company and he's already ready. "

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