Saturday , January 23 2021

Gregg Popovich was not printed with the Spurs Mascot Bat Collection

Photo: Eric Gay (AP)

Bats attacking the San Antonio Spurs home field are a common event so that "Spurs mascot" holds a bat in a fishing net when wearing Batman's wear "is an accurate description of what happened last night, but also the head of Deadspin from 2015. So, although it is interesting to see a diverse holiday trying to ruin the bat with towels and ball, the viral NBA men calling it The "best moment of the season" needs to be, like everyone else associated with the league, drinking a tea cup from the south, lie down, and wake up half an hour or more when the caffeine is start. The Spurs beat the Pelicans 113 -108, but this is the only highlight of the game you need:

The angle is backup, with what looks like a professional animal control adjoins helpless while the Coyote extends for the capture, strikingly:

Rudy Gay did not apologize for running away, saying, "I'm not going to sit and wait for someone to catch bats. Call me when he has done." But the response that I want to focus on is that Spurs is coach of Gregg Popovich. If you keep your eyes on Popovich during the video, he Maybe showing something hard of happiness. He definitely wears a little smile and clubs a bit. We will not go as far as saying it is "crawling" or "in my element, "Although others do that. When he was He asked for after the game, it seemed that he did not do his normal interview schtick, and the bats were really unforgettable to him:

Reporter: Did Coyote play the game there, in the first quarter?

Popovich: You know, I'll forget. I do not even know what he did. What does it do?

Reporters: Go to bats. Catching a bat in the net.

Popovich: Did he do, or did the other man do?

Reporters: Coyote did that.

Popovich: Oh, I looked right at it, I saw it.


Anyone else?

Pop may have a real impression on Pop, you have to injure bats with hands on Halloween.

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