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Google Pixel 3 vs. iPhone XS in the new Night Sight camera ad

Each Pixel phone was introduced Evening Night in November and the results have lived up to the hype. I've been compared to the iPhone XS during the Pixel 3 launch event and Google now keeps the photo leader with a new advertising campaign.

Share this night Without VP product marketing in Google, the company uses a comparison alongside the same scene. On the right, the Pixel 3 and to the left are "Phone X." have to name quickly.

The bottom corner indicates that the image had to shoot with an iPhone XS, just as the previous comparison highlighted at the 10/9 event. The Google image clearly shows the issue in green neon, while its face is impossible to do on the iPhone. As typical for Night Sight, the dark sky is bright and gray with white steam visible.

In terms of lighting, Google's technique is a bit of lighting in the background, but if the point of the picture is to capture a main subject, many will excuse that decision.

Pixel 3 vs. iPhone XS Night Sight

As the feature was not launched with Pixel 3, Night Sight had left out of initial advertising. The new ad stressed at the end of November the discounts of flash use and the benefits of learning machines to balance colors. Night Sight also joins a blow of shots to prevent an animal from moving and shining an image that is still a sudden.

A simple ad today contains a logo G & # 39; Multi-color at bottom right, but otherwise it's quite simple and fast. It's especially ideal for notice boards and other large print media, but it could be part of a longer video. With the main advertising event of Super Bowl LIII next Sunday, Google could make a big splash during the Great Game.

Update 2/2: A week after the first night appeared on Night, Made by Google on Twitter another split. The four-second foot GIF starts by showing a house with large windows in patio lighting. In the background you can see remote lights, but otherwise the scene is quite dark. There is a large headline "Phone X" in the center with "Image shot on iPhone XS" at the bottom.

Then, the ad changes to the one shot held by Night Sight, and the difference is quite obvious. You can see that this house is really surrounded by huge green trees, thanks to the artificial lighting. In the meantime, we see that this cabin next to a lake with dark blue is dark and not black. Viewers can also impress the mountains that are capped with snow in the distance on the Pixel 3 picture.

Given the ramp up in advertising, it is likely that one of the Google advertisements show tomorrow during Super Bowl centers around Night Sight and Pixel 3. Meanwhile, the company on Friday a subsequent video to Home Alone Again.

Pixel 3 vs. iPhone XS Night Sight

Made by Google 10/9

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