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Forget Bluetooth Galaxy: 5G and mobile phones get bigger at MWC 2019



This is perfect to be a big show.


Samsung and the MWC Barcelona still have a growing relationship. The power in the commercial show has succeeded and flows depending on whether the world's largest hand maker decides to hold its first half-first phone launch in Spain. If Samsung shows, there is an obvious interest in interest.

On Wednesday, only one day before MWC this year began, Samsung returned its Galaxy S10 line and its Galaxy Fold. In San Francisco.

You would think this would take the wind out of MWC shape. But between the mix of unique new devices, there is some international obstacle and, of course, 5G, the show has a good shot of stand alone without Samsung. Traditionally, MWC offers you a window to what the smartphone world will look over next year. But with 5G, you could find the foundation for how things evolve over the next few years. "height =" 109 "width =" 194

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MWC 2019: Telephone trends that we will see


"This is the most significant MWC since launching 4G," said Wayne Lam, an analyst at HIS Markit.

When CES offered in January a moderate amount of what 5G would like, MWC will be the correct launch of next generation cell technology. After years of hype 5G will change our lives by connecting everything to a super-fast and responsive network, some of the settings really go live.

Heck, even President Donald Trump is tweeting about.

Another reason for exciting is the potential to see more smartphones at work. Samsung may have kicked off the Galaxy Fold, but Huawei and Xiaomi may have their own flexible devices. Similarly, LG has an interactive screen connection for one of its leading phones.

The other is how Huawei will be dealing with the lights in the show while dealing with increasing global scrutiny over the safety of its products. The company usually has a huge presence at MWC, and this year will not be different.

So yes, it will be a wild and strange event.

5G, 5G, 5G

It's 2019, and 5G is finally here. South Korea has changed the service, although customers and facilities are still limited. In the United States, AT & T 5G is real (not the fake 5G E) in dozen markets, while Verizon has had its Home 5G service since the end of last year (it's a bit of a bit that's 5G right).

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Bwth in CES touting 5G. It will become more intense in MWC.


There is no question that we will see real 5G slips at the conference, with famous companies such as Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia are likely to put test networks at the Fira Gran Via Convention Center.

It will be a good field test of these networks, given the extensive foot traffic and competitive cellular requirements of so many different locations.

MWC will also be a good place to see the wider applications beyond faster mobile phone connection. Ericsson in the past has shown how an responsive network can help you drive a farmer away from miles, while Huawei has shown the potential for smart cities.

"The mobile industry is moving on fast, and we expect the most significant theme of MWC Barcelona to be how 5G will change the world, and especially the role it will play when using a period new intelligent connectivity, "said Mats Granryd, general director of the GSMA, the trading group that put on the show.

Not just Samsung

The Fold Galaxy took the tons away from the Galaxy S10 in Samsung Unpacked. MWC removable phones could do the same.

Although Samsung had been jumping on the competition, companies like Huawei and Xiaomi could have the last laugh.

Will anyone challenge the Fold Galaxy in the new foldable category?


Although the Fold Galaxy stimulates audiences with demo, Samsung chose not to let anyone go too close to it, and that the phone was MIA when the demo area was opened. Another company could steal the lights by offering people later with their folding devices.

In CES, I tried the Flexpai from the beginning of the Chinese Royole. Although the software was short, the bending display was working well, and it was one of the most striking things I saw at the show. The point is, the bar is low and tolerance to products that are going on high in terms of flexible phones.

CNET reported that TCL was working on a family of folding devices, and could also offer fraud in the show.

International gender

This is not all fun and games. One of the rest of the show will be how Huawei deals with the questions over his behavior. The US has led the fight against the company, with the Department of Justice leveling a number of payments, including intellectual stealing, fraud and obstruction of justice.

Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of the company and daughter of the founder of Ren Zhangfei, has hidden in Canada is waiting for extradition to the US on some of the payments set by the Department of Justice. Huawei has rejected any fault, and Ren interviewed this Morning CBS that the movement is a political motivation. (Note: CNET and CBS This Bore is part of CBS.)

huawei-mwc-2019 "height =" 0 "width =" 970 "data-original =" a58b-4ae4a0a958af / huawei-mwc-2019.jpg

Huawei has a large presence to plan at MWC.


Likewise, ZTE will return from the start after a settlement with the US Department of Commerce for penalties involving work with North Korea and Iran. He kept a low profile in CES 2019, but is expected to return with a press conference in Barcelona.

Wildcard devices?

In the last few years at MWC, phones have come out of nowhere to hold the great shows.

LG's secret smartphone with a second screen attachment. It's not just a mobile smartphone, but it's a unique innovation that allows us to pass the boring rectangular slab.

nokia-new-8110-matrix-banana-2018-mwc-16 "height =" 0 "width =" 970 "data-original =" 02/22 / e22b3cf7-f7d3-4548-94e0-193cca6d5225 / nokia-new-8110-matrix-banana-2018-mwc-16.jpg

The Nokia "Matrix" retro phones turn heads last year.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Back in 2017, phone-making HMD Global, using Nokia's brand, began a lot of attention with a remake of the Nokia 3310, which was perfect in the fun trend that saw the NES regeneration Classic too.

This year HMD again with the Nokia 8110, also known as the Matrix phone. Leaks point to a phone with five amazing notes on the back.

It may go for a backup of retro phones. Or someone like a Chinese phone maker will come from nowhere to wow crowders.

With Samsung out of the mix, anything could happen at MWC.

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