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Flame Judge Flame List Judge, Arizona. Democrats Leading Leading: NPR


Employees loaded into machines at the office of the Broward County Election Supervisor during a Sunday recount at Lauderhill, Fla.

Brynn Anderson / AP

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Brynn Anderson / AP

Employees loaded into machines at the office of the Broward County Election Supervisor during a Sunday recount at Lauderhill, Fla.

Brynn Anderson / AP

As reports are in progress in Florida, a judge will be warned Monday to "ramp down the rhetoric" as the top Republicans – including President Trump – are in doubt about the process.

The Associated Press reports that law enforcement and electorate supervisors have found any evidence of wrongdoing, but Solicitors and Republican candidates, together with Trump, have claimed – without evidence – that voter anomalies and fraud, as well as inappropriate behavior by voting local officers, who are questioning the integrity of the process.

The president touched early Monday morning that the elections should be called for Republic of Gov. Rick Scott, the challenging Democratic Senate Bill Nelson, and former GOP representative Ron DeSantis in his bid for governor over the Mayor of Tallahassee Andrew Gillum. "An honest voting account is no longer possible – huge infected votes must be accompanied by the Election Evening!" Trump wrote.

With Republicans leading in Parliament and the colonial races, both competitions are within the 0.5 per cent quint that is a state recall order. Many of the exceptional votes may be of military personnel overseas, who can get their votes as long as they arrive by Friday and have been marked by November 6, and it is not unusual for me. voting in many states counted after Election Day.

Prime Minister Jack Tuter's Broward Circuit Judge made the comments during a crisis hearing asked by Scott attorneys, saying, "I'm motivated by the very public nature of this case to ramp down the rhetoric."

"If someone in this lawsuit or someone in this county has evidence of fraud or inconsistency of voters in the office and supervisor, they should inform their local law enforcement officer," said Tuter. "If the solicitors are aware of it, they should deduct an affidavit, but everything the lawyers say outside the front of the elections office is provoked across the country. We need to be careful of & # 39; what we say, things and days. "

Republicans have questioned the actions of Broward County Electoral Supervisor Brenda Snipes, asking why the county had been so slow to count votes. Snipes has highlighted the high number of votes and a long vote.

The AP states that, during the hearing, Scott's legal team claimed that Snipes was part of "suspected and illegal voting count habits" against state law and could "destroy evidence of any errors, accidents or illegal behavior. " They also ask additional sheriff deputies to be sent to their office to oversee voting and voting machines, including attending to watch when they were not used.

Snipes lawyers rejected the aim of the Scott campaign to "undermine" faith in the elections, and ultimately the result if it did not favor it. Broward County Office already has cameras, deputies and security guardians that protect the votes.

Ultimately, the judge ordered the parties to meet to find a compromise, and three deputies will be added to the Browser's electorate's office.

Tuter is not the only Florida official to register obvious frustration with some of the rhetoric coming from Ty Gwyn. Niles Parks NPR reports that Mark Early, an election supervisor in the County of Leon, did not want to comment on politics, but stressed that these were those who worked hard to ensure that all votes were counted fair.

"You have dedicated states that go without sleep, to protect democracy and if there is anyone there, that undermines that, especially when they have a role in ensuring that it is well done, It hurts our nation, "said the County of Leon supervisor.

Georgia counties a deadline

In neighboring Georgia, the gangernatoriae competition between the leading and prominent Brian Kemp, and the Democrats Stacey Abrams also highlights scrutiny.

According to WABE's correspondent, Johnny Kauffman, a newly appointed Secretary of State, Robyn Crittenden, says the counting date for counties to certify election results will be no later than Tuesday at 5 p.m. ET.

Kemp came down last week as secretary of the state, anticipating not only winning but among criticism that he oversees the close account. Throughout their race, Abrams has claimed that Kemp has been trying to prevent new voters and new registrations.

Kauffman reports that the state tells the facts in court that Crittenden should be able to certify the state election as soon as possible, and any delays would prevent preparations for future run-offs in December.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the Abrams campaign is trying to find any temporary votes that are left or other unpotented votes to push the Kemp account of under 50 percent, enforcing a link next month. Or 4:25 p.m. ET on Monday, Kemp was 50.26 per cent of the vote.

Democrats also follow legal action to force counties to reconsider some votes and try to defer the deadline set by the state until Wednesday. The Kemp campaign has called such efforts as "rigid" and says that Abrams should consent.

The Arizona Democrats are leading lead

The Senate race in Arizona also remains in limbo. According to the Republic of Arizona, with additional votes counted The Kyrsten Democrats Cinema has now expanded its leadership over Martha McSally in the Republic to over 30,000 votes. Around 215,000 votes are still counted, but Cinema campaign says that those will come from areas that will be in favor of the Democrats. The account has deferred due to the need to check signatures of post-votes.

If Cinema won, he would represent the democratic rise of the retired seat held by the Republican Senate, Jeff Flake. Arizona has not elected a Senate Democrat since 1988.

But a talk now from Cinema and McSally goes to Senedd, like a The Arizona Republic He called op-ed on Gov. Doug Ducey appointed McSally for another Arizona seat. Appointed pre-GOP Sen. Jon Kyl to complete the season of the late Parliamentary John McCain, but if Kyl goes down, Ducey would need to name another Republic to displace.

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