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Final Fantasy XIV Game Reveals New Race, New Jobs, Launched July 2 for Shadow Shadow Expanders & # 39; – News

Enix Square at the Paris Fan Fest on Saturday Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn MMORPG will announce that the "Shadowbringers" campaign will be launched on July 2, with orders before commencing February 6. The event also revealed an expanded vehicle for expansion.

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The event also revealed a new "Gunbreaker" post, a "gunblade-wielding fighter that occupies the role of the tank."

The event also revealed the new Viera race. The Gunbreaker and Viera race will join the game with the expansion.

Enix Square He also revealed two of the new areas that he will add with the expansion: Multi Meg and Theakakt Greatwood.

The expansion will include multiple new jobs, a Viera play race, a new combat maintenance system, high-speed raids, new areas, new equipment, new recipes, and a new game + a way to replace old content. With the release of the new expansion, Enix Square ends for Windows 32-bit.

The event also revealed that the sequel to the Return to Ivalice league series will be "YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse" including NieR Yosuke Saito series staff to Yoko Taro.

The expansion collector's edition will include an art box, figure, art book, logo sticker, play cards and three items in the game. Those who pre-order the expansion will receive two items in the game and early access to play the expansion starting on June 28.

Recently, the game recently added the Blue Mage post with the release of the first phase of Patch 4.5 on January 8. The second part of the cycle will be launched at the end of March.

Enix Square release Final Fantasy XIV Online for personal computers in September 2010. After criticism from fans, the company revealed a version to update the game of the name Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn He added a world and a new story. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launched on Windows PC and PS3 in August 2013, and then on PS4 in April 2014. The companion app of the game launched for iOS and Android in August.

Enix Square The first expansion was released i Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, o & name Heavensward, in June 2015. The second expansion, Stormblood, launched in June 2017.

Enix Square announced in August that the game has 14 million registered accounts worldwide, including free trial accounts.

Y Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light Live live television miniseries debuted Netflix in the US in September 2017.

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