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Doctors take to twitter after the NRA tells them to stay in their lane & # 39;


Initially, Judy Melinek did not know how to respond when he learned about NRA's toddler last week telling doctors who were silent to go to the gun idea to stay "in their own path."

But two days later, when the forensic pathologist, was on his way to the morgue to examine the body of one of the country's forgotten illegal victims, the words she came to her.

"Do you have any idea how many bullets I'm pulling out of the body on a weekly basis? It's not just my lane," she tweeted on Friday. "It's my head [expletive] highway "

Joseph Sakran, a traumatic surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, suffering from a paralyzed voice strand after taking an irritated bullet in the neck almost 25 years ago, refuses stay silent as the country's biggest mass shot hit the news.

"I have two words for you not! # Hell No for #ThousandOaks # Hell No for all black men who die and no-one is hearing about it. No, no, for everyone we can continue to save, "Sakran wrote.

Melinek and Sakran are among unwanted medical professionals who have taken to Twitter in recent days to go back in the NRA – creating a viral response that has been recycled around the Internet under the hashtags #thisisourlane a #thisismylane.

They have taken a debate that has been hiding for decades among powerful painful gun lobes and in academic magazines and to re-launch in the Unfinished Twittersphere. And they have brought their hidden messages with photos of feet sliding on red floors, swabs and scrubs disappearing in the blood, and sometimes unintelligible dates and turning off at the best.

They write from presenting a baby has broken down who saved his mother's life by preventing bullet, and from hide blood and brain by parents. They show how the stunning public responses to sewer October 27 in the Pittsburgh synagogue and then shoot 7th November in the Thousand Oaks country music bar fail to reflect the everyday routine of trying to regenerate victims in emergency rooms in Baltimore and beyond.

"Being cheated is not acceptable," Sakran said in an interview, describing how he still kept the bullet piece that almost kills his wearing.

The NRA did not respond to a request for comments.

Kathleen Bell, a Texas University Physician specializing in patient rehabilitation, said she was working on patient charts in her office overlooking the trauma center when she learned about the NRA tweet. She posted on behalf of the patients, who explained, faced long-term deficiencies and pain long after any public distress passed.

"Let me talk about life in wheelchairs with SCI [spinal cord injury], "Bell wrote," unhealthy arms of destroying plexus brachial, colostomies of stomach destruction and years of TBI dependence [traumatic brain injury]. "

The NRA was triggered by a state paper by an American Doctors College, published on March 30 by Annals of Internal Medicine and said "Reducing Injuries and Firearms Deaths in the United States." The ACP recommended "a public health approach to firearms related to violence and injury prevention and weapon deaths," stating that the medical profession "had a special responsibility" to talk about the prevention of weapons-related injuries fire, and "support" appropriate regulation of buying legal firearms, "among other measures.

"The College recognizes that any such regulations should be consistent with the Supreme Court's judgment establishing that individual ownership of firearms is a constitutional right under the Second Amendment to the Right Entitlement , "said the paper.

The NRA, firstly, with the editorial of November 2, stating that the ACP paper "reflects the desirable list of all anti-gun policy, with the exception of the role given to doctors outside" and accused & group have "only interested in pseudoscience evidence" that supports their optional anti-gun policies. "

Then, on 7 November, just a few hours before the old 28-year-old, Ian David Long, launched his assault at the Ffining Bar and Grill at Thousand Oaks, the NRA gave his controversial tweet.

"Someone should say self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. Half of the articles at Annals of Internal Medicine are weighing for gun management. However, the majority of concern seems to be the community medical have consulted with NA UN but themselves. "

Not only did individual doctors respond in incredible flu, but Annals told the NRA to stay "out of the examination room" and invite doctors to sign up on a commitment to talk to patients about fire and safety ownership when they see risk factors. "Evidence shows that your counsel could save life," the announcement tweeted.

The Disease Control Centers also announced new data revealing that the death toll of gun violence has begun to increase in recent years after a short period of time.

Still, many doctors are eager to note that they do not anti-gun.

Or even anti-NRA.

"Doctors do not war with the NRA," said Heather Sher, a radiologist who has worked at Level 1 trauma centers for almost 17 years, and cares for patients with glued wounds from two separate masks. Sher won prominence after the shooting of Parkland when he published an article in the Atlantic for the damage caused by high speed bullet of semiautomatic rifle, which was different from any sight injury.

"We do not matter against us, Sher wrote in an email." What we really ask for comes together from & # 39 , both sides to find a solution to this national health problem. "

Even some doctors who were familiar with the world of guns could not push upset. Westley Ohman, a vascular surgeon at St Louis, resets his password on Twitter after a nine-year hiatus.

"I'll put blood vessels to live," he said tweeted. "When you're working in a large traumatic center, that's the place of placing blood vessels that have been broken by bullets. My lane has paused by the broken bodies left after by your products. "

But Ohman, who grew up with guns in Texas, said the reaction was astonished. He included "the whole spectrum," he said, and "it was almost as black and white as I would have expected." Responsible gun owners, he says, are also tired of carnage.

Richard Sidwell, a traumatic surgeon in Des Moines and the owner of the gun, he joined Twitter is not the argument, arguing that its roles as an NRA member and a traumatic surgeon "DO NOT match each other."

Some disagreed.

In an interview, Sidwell said that the feeling makes it difficult to find the common land needed to improve gun safety.

"I do not counter-gun, I'll own firearms," ​​said Sidwell. "I have an anti-bullet hole."

Sher withdrew his sadness about the message published by the NRA, together with a core group of colleagues later in the week and drafting a letter encouraging further research and inviting the NRA to join.

In two days, he said, more than 23,000 Doctors and other medical professionals have signed up.

"NRA benefits us to help us to be part of the answer," says Sher.

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