Friday , August 19 2022

Democrats plan to suspend the Green New Deal in the Parliament vote Tuesday


Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, in Kentucky Republican, has explained that he is pushing the vote to put Democrats – especially the number in Parliament running for president – on the record for Controversial plan written by the Liberal Democrat Representative Alexandria's Ocasio-Cortez from New York and Sen Ed Markey of Massachusetts, in which Republicans argue a socialist manifesto that will destroy the economy.

"We can't be more proud that American people will have the opportunity to learn exactly where each of their parliamentarians stands on the radical transformation, from the top down, socialist this t from all the US economy, "McConnell said on Monday. "Every taxpayer from America will learn if their parliamentarians support our nation's befriending with the astronomical cost of this socialist fantasy – tens and tens of dollars of dollars, a tax burden that would surely hurt not only wealthy Americans but the middle class too. "

Votes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as Donald Trump: Poor

The Democrats intend to offset McConnell's move by voting "in attendance" rather than in favor or against the plan – which is asking for 60 votes to move forward – there is an argument that the t Green New Deal is more of an ambitious document at the moment than legislation has been crafted ready for a vote.

They will also urge Republicans to announce which policies they would support to combat the human causes of climate change and not just undo the Democratic motion.

"Let's not make a false vote that means embarrassing one person or each other. This is too serious a matter for that," said Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader of the Senate, New York Democrats. "Republicans have real answers to the people of America, not games."

After the vote, it has to be arranged for 4 p.m. ET Tuesday, McConnell has organized a bill on a nearly $ 14 billion funding bill to respond to recent natural disasters, such as hurricanes, hurricanes and drought. The result of the vote is unclear, as there is no final agreement now between Democrats and Republicans, although that may change before the vote.

Schumer blown Republicans for the registration of those votes back, arguing that they clearly belonged.

"Don't be in any doubt, these disasters are magnified just because of climate change," Schumer said. "I can't discern the level of cognitive dissonance needed to organize these votes after another."

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