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Dallas Cowboys: Is Amari Cooper already getting Cowboys co-acceptors?


Kristi Scales, the line reporter for the Dallas Cowboys radio network, answered questions about the team in a recent live chat. Here are the highlights.

Has Amari Cooper already made its Cowboys co-acceptors?

Scales: It could be argued that this is the most striking achievement by Cooper since he joined the Cowboys.

In two Cowboys games, Amari Cooper has 11 holdings already for 133 yards and touches 1. His presence has opened the running game for Ezekiel Elliott and has helped to draw attention from other recipients as the A passing game has really improved.

But here's what you need to know about Cooper and an off-field approach and how that approach affects its performance on the field. In a joint discussion, I had a trainer WR Sanjay Lal before the Sunday match in Pilly, we mentioned Cooper. Lal told me that Cooper in the previous week's game against the Titanians had had no mental mistakes.

No mental mistakes after exercising only five times with a team, learning a different crime, having cram sessions during the weekend of the sacrifice with a job coach and a quarter, and playing a number of jobs in the crime.

Cooper plays across the field, mostly the Z because the Cowboys want to keep Michael Gallup in X, because they do not want to overwrite Gallup (rookie) with too many jobs. So Cooper has many representatives in Z, but he also has slips on X and in a slot / stack.

Features Lal the success of Cooper and the lack of mental mistakes to a serious attitude of mind, information, and IQ football. He knows where to be. And if that's where he is supposed to be – when it should be there – that helps the other receivers as well as the run game.

Will Amari Cooper and Cowboy recipients reveal secondary Falcons on Sundays?

Scales: The passing assault The Cowboys looks to build on the momentum won in the way Sunday wins in a File as they travel to Atlanta this weekend to take a Falcon & # 39; i injured by injury.

The Falcons have lost their two start-up keys, Keanu Neal (broken laptop) and Ricardo Allen (Achilles sewn), to injuries ending in season . And the healthy protective fans are still unable to play a lot of help from their teammate 7. The Falcons have only 17 sacks so far in 2018, the fourth sacks most among all NFL defenses.

Secondary health and lack of passing rush have contributed to the defensive passion passing Falcons that are located at 30th in NFL (294.4 yards passing per game).

What is worse to the Falcons, these are the third worst scoring defense in the NFL, allowing an average of 28.2 points per game.

Therefore, while Falcons' crime places a lot of points (27.1 points per game), the Falcons defense allows even more points (28.2). So, record 4-5 of the Falcons.

Why do the Cowboys go back to Atlanta for a second consecutive season?

Scales: The Cowboys play in Atlanta in 2018 because the NFL formula for scheduling calls for NFC East teams to play NFC South teams this year. The next time (in three years) when the Cowboys play NFC South, it will be Atlanta to turn to Dallas.

Why did the Cowboys play in Atlanta last year? That is also the result of the NFL formula for scheduling. The Cowboys played in Atlanta in 2017 as both teams finished their first place in their respective NFC departments in 2016. Because they were two regional champions, they played each other.

That's how the NFL timetable works. You play two games at your own conference with teams that finish at the same place in the stalls. In other words, the Cowboys played the Falcons because they both finished in the first place. He played the same teams from NFC East and NFC South. The third place teams played each other, as did the fourth teams.

Here's a breakdown for 16 games:

* 6 games in your own section (Cowboys play the Giants, Eagles and Redskins twice the same)

* 4 games against another section at your conference (NFC East vs. NFC South in 2018)

* 4 games against another department at the other conference (NFC East vs. AFC South in 2018)

* 2 matches against teams in other regions at your conference that finished the previous season with the same place at the stalls (Cowboys finished in the second place in 2017, so they play the second finish from NFC North and NFC West … the Lions and Seahawks).

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