Monday , January 17 2022

Celtie & Kyrie Irving say they do not intend to celebrate Thanksgiving: & # 39; F — Thanksgiving & # 39;


The Boston Celtics early season struggles continued on Wednesday with a 117-109 loss to New York Knicks. According to as much as 26, the Celtics became very much in the fourth quarter, but they went short, mainly due to some clown shot by Trey Burke. Now only 9-9 a season, there will be enough talk about the incapacity of Celtics to meet expectations.

At the same time, there will be plenty of discussion about one of Kyrie Irving's post-birth quotations, where he made clear that he does not celebrate Thanksgiving. MassLive's Tom Westerholm was in progress:

The Boston Celtics star, Kyrie Irving, had finished talking about losing the 117-109 frustration to New York Knicks and went out of the screen when a correspondent wished him a happy Thanksgiving.

Irving greeted the correspondent politely, he added that he did not celebrate Thanksgiving.

"(Practical) Thanksgiving," said Irving.

Irving in Abby Chin, Boston, NBC Sports confirmed that his opposition to Thanksgiving had embedded in his Native American heritage.

Although it can be surprising at the outset to hear the irresistible thoughts of Irving for the holidays, it is important to remember this context. Irving has a Native American heritage, since his grandmother is a member of the Sioux Standing Rock Tribunal, and his late mother was taken out of the load when she was young.

Over the summer, Irving, who has a tattoo of the Sioux Tribal Standing Rock logo on the back of her throat, goes through name with the load together with her sister. I was given the name "Little Mountain".

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