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Bwlch-Jaguars brawl, Fournette, excitement Josh Allen

On Monday Morning NFL Podcast, Andy Benoit and Gary Gramling analyzed the brawl at Buffalo, Josh Allen's revenge and the Bills over the Jaguars …

GARY: Let's go to Jaguars-Bills. We got the brawl in this game. Leonard Fournette should not throw golf anyway because he needs the Jaguars, but he should not specially throw a ball on a man who is wearing a helmet when you do not wear a helmet. That is a very bad idea.

ANDY: I think that's a man. A man who drops down his team during squeezing time, no less. That takes even more dysfunction. Get yourself thrown for fighting lower lineer than average when you run a star. I really believe that a man is.

GARY: The advent came fast on that. They first-aim on the six-inch line. The fake start may have happened if there were Fournettes in the back field anyway, but they support themselves as quickly as a couple penalty and losing a 42-yard field goal. The Bills were only the ball and Josh Allen had to drive three plays for the score to go on there. That turned up so fast.

Fournette must be better than that, yes. I will say, Josh Allen, that he is extremely green and is surrounded by a very good support team, but he did a few spectacular plays in this one. I do not still believe That interview is thrown to Robert Foster because three men were swallowed as he left that ball.

ANDY: A 75-yard touchdown is under severe density, knowing that the hit is coming, releasing the ball as the hit comes and has a large spiral throw. If we are only just on the arm and pulling out the legs, we probably have a best throw that we have seen every season.

GARY: It was incredible and it was stunning to see on the broadcasting angle because it looked like a sack. Originally originally she had three black serpenters, combining it, and suddenly the ball grows out of it. You would have thought it was some kind of CGI glitch.

I will say this about Josh Allen, because there's a lot of talking Bills, "Oh, Patrick Mahomes, we could have had Mahomes." And if the Bills should have taken Patrick Mahomes, everyone He should have taken Pat Mahomes and they should be killing themselves over that. I do not want to argue that Allen is not the same class as Mahomes, but I say, Josh Allen is winning wins for men like Robert Foster and Jason Croom and Isaiah McKenzie.

ANDY: He won a game. He won this game. Josh Allen had been out several weeks and was very fast before this injury.

GARY: He won a game in Minnesota, Andy. That is to win.

ANDY: You know what stood out in this game especially for me, and I was surprised that this was not a bigger factor earlier this season Josh Allen can really run. Its mobility is an asset. I think he's in the Newton Stage class about talent there … I think he's in class. I think that Newton's step is sitting at the front of that class, Josh Allen is probably sitting in the middle rows, perhaps close to the back, but that little class with Cham Newton of men who can really hurt you with their legs. The reason why I bring Newton can make Allen a power runner. It has 245 pounds, but some load behind it is moving. He did a lot of trouble, which he will do because I do not always see things clearly, but I thought that the scratches were generally appropriate. Some running had planned with him. Touching was carried out on a quarter quarters. Reading options were not successful, but I'm really happy with the concept. I love that they use it like this. They need to use Josh Allen almost exactly as the Panthers use Newton Stage. It will be a water-based version because Allen is just a few years away from running this kind of anxiety, but that's how it must be. Josh Allen is the next Newton Step if everything goes well.

GARY: I said that there was so much spring and I took so much cake for it. This is the last thing I will say about this game. The Jaguars do not even go anywhere if they had won this game, but Andrew Norwell went out in this one, so they are made on the offensive line. I do not know what they can do actively on. It was a lost season and now it's a very lost season.

ANDY: A note on that offensive line because he completely damaged the Measures during the first half of this game. He moved the screws line and ran between the tackles for 10-12 yards each of those who appeared this and yet they lost the game. They did the same last week against Pittsburgh. What I've come to learn from Jacksonville is that I think it's just as good as the last game that comes off your running game and running a game. If you're going to join the ball down the throat of the other team, that's all good and good, but it will not win the game for you over 60 minutes in the NFL today. You have to have a pass game that is about running a game and it must be effective. Jacksonville has that, but it has not been effective.

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