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An 18-year-old shooting in Jacksonville involving police had a self-inflicted gunshot wound


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Photos of a body camera were released Thursday by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office showing the events that led to the police shooting of an 18-year-old man during a traffic stop on the Westside.

The 18-year-old who died by a family member has been identified as Devil Tilman Gregory. The shooting happened Tuesday around 10:40 pm near the intersection of San Juan and Cassat avenues.

The Sheriff’s Office said in a statement:

(Body camera photos from Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office follow. Viewer’s discretion advised. Note: The time stamp on body camera photos appears to be incorrect. The shooting was reported Tuesday night.)

The Office of the Medical Examiner did not identify whether the cause of death was a self-infected gunshot wound.

The beginning of the video shows three people inside the car. An officer is approaching from the driver’s side.

Officer 1: “Do you have any marijuana in the car? Any hemp in the car? You smoked a while ago or something? ”

The responses from the three inside the car were not audible.

Officer 1: “Is there anything in the car that we need to worry about? Do you mind if we look at it really quickly and get you on your way? “

The officer explains that because he smelled the smell of marijuana coming from inside, he had probable cause to do a search. The driver of the car exits and has handcuffs while the other two – including Gregory – remain in the car.

A second officer looks into the car and sees Gregory, who appears to be smoking something, beginning to reach under the seat.

“Hey, don’t reach under it,” the second officer shouts. “Stop f ****** arriving!”

“I’m reaching for my phone,” said Gregory, staring at the officer with his hand still under the seat.

The officers at the scene all start shouting for Gregory to show his hands, one shouting, “You’re about to get a f ****** shot!”

Gregory repeatedly asks “please” to hook up his phone. Then he starts shouting to the man who was taken to the cruise: “I love you, bro! I love you! Tell my mum that I love her too! ”

As Gregory continues to shout, he appears to have a mobile phone stuck to his left ear. Officers with their guns pulled repeatedly say, “relax.”

Officer 2: “Relax, man. Hey, relax. Draw your hand under the seat. ”

As the exchange continues for a couple of minutes, the situation gets worse.

“Shoot me!” Gregory starts shouting again and again – at least a dozen times. “F ****** kill me!”

Officer 2: “Listen to me. I promise you if you raise your hand with nothing in it, you won’t be hurt.”

“These officers are pleading with this young man,” explained Ken Jefferson, News4Jax’s crime and security expert. “He refused to co-operate. He has his hand, his right hand under the seat. ”

After several more minutes of back and forth, an officer approaches the car with a K-9. The young man in the back seat of the car is removed.

“Leave me! Leave me! ”Gregory yells.

The video then shows Gregory putting his head down between his legs. A gun shot is fired inside the car, and Gregory’s head is thrown back. The officers then fire several times in the car.

“Right before the officers started shooting, He’s leaning down, his head is down and his head suddenly went up,” Jefferson explained, while examining the video. “If he has shot in the back, his head is not going to go back like that. So that leaves me to believe the medical examiner’s report that it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. ”

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Head of Investigations TK Waters initially said in a statement Tuesday that officers pulled the car over for failing to maintain a single lane.

Waters said officials have tried to deconstruct the situation. He said after several minutes of trying to speak to the passenger who refused to comply with calls to get out of the car, four officers fired shots.

The officers, driver and backseat passenger were not injured in the shooting.

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