Wednesday , March 3 2021

After Record Cutting Performance, Titans QB Marcus Mariota says he should have done more

HOUSTON, Texas – Marcus Mariota did not have any idea that Titans was quarterly on a hot strike.

And after losing Monday 34-17 to the Texans, he did not look carefully for him.

Mariota began the game to finish his first 19 passes, and was 19 of 19 for 271 yards and two touches at one point before throwing his first discharge late in the game.

He broke his series of completion of the "Titans Period" record, which set against the Eagles earlier this season when he completed 15 instantly. Mariota finished the 22-of-23 game for 303 yards with a 147.7 transfer rate.

Instead, Mariota noted the miscues, which led the Titanians to see an early 10-0 leader disappearing in another disappointing loss.

"But I can do a better job," said Mariota after the game. "I did not help our guys up – I caught the ball too long. We got in negative situations, taking some of these sacks. I'll look back on the movie and recover from it, and recover. "

Mariota was dismissed six times in the competition, and has now been dismissed 35 times in 10 games this season. The Titanians were not able to take advantage of Mariota's success because they did not help themselves on a third down by going 4-12 (33 per cent). The Titans were stuffed on 4th and one run by Luke Stocker on the 3-y-o-early line.

"They made good work on the third down against us," said Mariota. "In order to continue to maintain drives, continue to maintain momentum, we have to be able to be efficient on the third down. And I think there are times when we had had a big play, but we got some kind of accident. If we want to be an offense we want, we have to improve in that area, and be able to continue to maintain a career and scoring points. "

Mariota contacted Jonnu Smith at a tight end for a 61-yard touchdown early. At the play, Smith dropped a short pass in the middle of the field, and then everyone out of the pen zone did in 10-0. But the Texans responded with 27 straight points.

Later in the game, Mariota was in contact with the receiver Corey Davis for a 48-yard touchdown, which made it 27-17. The exciting pass was Mariota in the 16th consecutive quarter to start the game.

But the statistics were not finally considered, as the Titanians reached 5-6.

"We have to focus on tomorrow," said Mariota. "We can not worry about anything else. Just look after your business, look after your home, and find ways to improve.

"When it comes down, we have not played complementary football. We have not done enough enough work across the board. At the same time, there is no loss of confidence. Go back to the movie, and find things we can improve them, and bounce them back. "

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