Wednesday , March 3 2021

A24 movie library is available on a streaming service that you can get free of charge

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Screenshot: The Witch (YouTube)

A24, the small movie studio that captures an incredible amount these days, includes a list of recent films that would pray almost any producer on the planet. O Lady Bird i Florida Project i Ex Machina and more, its library is great – and you can watch it for free.

The only problem is that most of us do not realize that, because we are a bunch of dummies that can not fully appreciate the benefits of a library card. See, A24 makes its films available to Kanopy, a streaming service that has some zero recognition in the wider world of pop culture. It's a shame because it's free with most library membership in America. (Not all, unfortunately, and if you're very little that their library does not use Kanopi, we apologize.) In other words, you have to do everything in your local library by joining, and you could be watching And Mixed Off Slaughter ok at this time, or listen to another friend complaining about how Y Wrach is overwhelmed as you freeze some scenes and try to explain why it is really very bad.

Not all titles are still fixed A24 on site – more recent films have not yet been added (After Reforming First, ie; Eighth Degree, no). But overall, it's an excellent service, and as well as A24 movies, there are not many advantages of thousands of other titles, from classical old types to studio superhero papers alike. Basically, let's all remember the renewal of our library members.


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