Wednesday , January 27 2021

A Sunday pollen count doubles the highest recorded count this season

Over the last 24 hours, the number of polled members in the air has doubled – again.

Saturday saw the highest pollen count but this season at 1,922 pollen grains per cubic meter of air. After several consecutive dry days, the temperature was high and trees such as pine, oak and sweet gum sent lots of the yellow stuff to the sky.

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The account doubled or nearly doubled every week last week, climbing through the hundreds and finishing in the four digits on Saturday. Every Sunday has beaten with a total of 4,666, which is well beyond the “extremely high” threshold, according to the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma organization.

“Patients who are feather sensitive will experience symptoms at this level and should take precautions if they need to be outdoors for long periods of time,” said an organization spokesman. “The high range for wood pollen starts at 90,” and the National Allergy Bureau considers over 1,500 counts to be extremely high.


The main pollinators are again pine, oak and sweet gum, along with birch and maple. Grass pollen remains in the medium range, and weed pollen is low.

The account remains very high Sunday despite the overnight rain. A cold front moved through the state early on Sunday morning, bringing some heavy spills and a few storm storms. The rain had cleared the Atlanta metro by 9 a.m.

Keep in mind that the account is taken over the last 24 hours, says Meteorologist News Channel 2 Action Katie Walls. It will be Monday before the numbers reflect the rain.

Temperatures in the mid-40s Sunday morning will also offer some relief, he said.

With even the cooler temperatures in the forecast, Sunday counts should capture the “highest of the year” moniker for at least a few days.

“Monday, Tuesday morning (s) starts in the 30s, so that is also going to help prevent pollination of trees, keeping those pollen down for a few days before they rebound again,” he said. Walls. “Wednesday and Thursday afternoons return to the bottom 70s.”

Pollen calculations should continue to rise over the next few weeks, culminating in mid-April as the temperature warms up, he said.

The spring pollen season usually starts in mid to late March, but the Atlanta metro pollen count has increased to four digits much earlier this year.

“Not everyone is allergic to the same or annoyed,” said Walls, “but when the numbers climb into the thousands, even if you're not up to the same. allergic to pollen, you may be angry.

At the end of April and May, grass pollen counts usually increase whilst tree pollen is falling.

Allergy experts recommend removing your clothes after being outdoors to remove pollen irritants inside the home. That also means washing your animals that have been outside so they don't bring indoor allergens, says Walls.

AJC correspondent Shaddi Abusaid contributed to this article.

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