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3 up, 3 down: Trends from the opening series of Vs Mets.

The Mets won two games during their season opening series against the Nationals last weekend in Washington D.C. Here are three good takeaways and three of the three previous games … t

Trending Up

1) The crime is not single-ponies

The Mets no longer stay on home runs and hunt strikes, Sandy Alderson and percussion instructors Dave Hudgens and Kevin Long were pushing a few years ago. Instead, the manager Mickey Callaway and the new trainer Chili Davis worked this spring to get their roster to focus more on hitting behind runners, ways to oppose the movement, make good contact, and put the ball in play.

As a result, the Mets 11 scored running last weekend without hitting home. Indeed, six of their seven shows produced were sent to the field opposite Saturday. Yesterday they used five singles to produce three runs in the eighth inning to tie the game.

More importantly, down the two games last weekend, the team fought back in both cases.

"We're a resilient bunch and we're fighting for the end," said Pete Alonso later, according to Newsday.

2) Brodie is fine – He has depth

Jeff McNeil It started on the third site on Thursday and in the left field on Saturday. The Sunday arrived with a 4-to-11 series to an end.

Third place in the weekend, J.D. Davis slipped once, but did multiple plays, great in the field. And, although it was only 2-for-10, he arrived in one of those RBI hits going on in Saturday's match.

Keon Broxton It started on Sunday in the field, went 2-for-2, and they had two centers stolen.

"Everyone contributes, and we feel that that will continue to happen," added Callaway later.

3) A ready look has been prepared and is to be turned off

Rookie 1B Pete Alonso looks like an ancient hitter and first baseman during its 14 bats. In the first major series of his career, he spilled three doubles into each field, scored a run, drove in three, and went to Miami tonight batting .500.

Obviously, this .500 isn't hit this season with 162 RBI. And eventually pitchers will adapt to it, and at that time it will need to adjust back. However, 6-for-12 is much better than 0-for-12 and should give it confidence to build on this performance as we move through April.

"We know it belongs," said Callaway on Sunday. "It's playing with everything we have."

Trending Down

1) Dangerous options by Callaway

In the first game of the season, Callaway chose at least two dangerous routes, drawing specifically Jacob deGrom for Seth Lugo, and Broxton exchanges for Michael Conforto. Fortunately, both have worked out, as they did Dominic Smith for Alonso's defense.

Sunday against Patrick Corbin, Callaway again chose Davis over McNeil, who was on the bench despite having had four hits the previous day. Callaway said he was sitting McNeil because Corbin was a pitcher on the left. McNeil hit 2828 against the trunks last season.

Fortunately, as the Opening Day, he worked out, although Davis once again had only one in five bats.

Lugo threw 41 fields and was not available on Sundays. In total, Callaway used seven different relievers in two matches this weekend without any day between Sunday and Monday games.

2) The white ball was up and down

In the opening series, Lugo, Jeurys Familia a Edwin Diaz looks like spontaneous juggernaut drawing a compliment to Van Wagenen, and the belief that all games could be closed by the seventh inning. However, during the last two games, the poker will allow six runs to cross the plate.

Lugo allowed one Saturday of two beats and walked two journalists, where Familia walked battles and gave up her best. Justin Wilson looks a strong Saturday, but then let you go home Sunday to run Trea Turner.

3) The rotation is not perfect

Jacob deGrom look amazing is one game. Anyway, Noah Syndergaard a Zack Wheeler each allowed four runs, and often found troubles.

A Wheeler and Syndergaard, as well as deGrom, are more than allowed to start bad or two. The point is that, although it is imaginative fun, the Mets are not going to have six great robbery every night. There will be gaps in the way, as each season and every team, which is why the Mets, probably, keeps tabs on a free agent biscuit Dallas Keuchel.

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