Sunday , January 24 2021

2020 Launch of Jeep Gladiator for sale for one day only

Jeep Gladiator 2020 starts at $ 35,040, but if you want people to know because you've bought one from the first ones, you'll need to spend a little more than that.

Jeep offers Launch Launch version of the Wrangler based pickup which will be available to order on April 4 only, the brand was considering a 4×4 Jeep day a few years ago.

The model is Rubicon Gladiator's full load with Launch Edition badge, wheels with a 33-inch Falken landscape tire and a special interior trim. It is available in five colors and is becoming standard with hard head, fender flares, 285 hp V6 and a 6-speed hand transfer for $ 60,815. Automatic 8-speed is the only mechanical option.

No more than 4,190 will be built, the number is the front of the hat to area code 419 for Toledo, Ohio, where the truck is made.

Gladiator deliveries are expected to start in May.


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