Sunday , January 17 2021

15 Games That Took My Comment In PAX East

Screenshot: Tribute Games (Panzer Paladin)

I spent the weekend in PAX East, and although I didn't play almost all of the games I wanted, I had a chance to play quite a bit and even found a little that I had never heard of my t mod now very excited about.

Here is a brief summary of some of them, which are still just a few of what was there.

Cyber ​​Shadow (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, 2019) t

Retro action platform with beautiful faux-8-bit art style; game developers told me that the game took its cues Castlevania a Contra. It feels like we have at least one version of this game every year at the moment, and Cyber ​​Shadow it's probably the next one. If only one other ninja game we can play this year, I wanted it to be Cyber ​​Shadow.

Silver Chains (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, 2019) t

An adventure horror game that looks at an eerie house that seems to have been inspired by your mother and your sister died. There is much contrast between light and shade; the lamp you are holding changes the look and feel of the rooms as you move through them. Too scary to me, but some of the best hardwood floors I've ever seen in a game. I only fell once.

Vambrace: Soul Ann (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC 25 April)

It looks like a clone of Darkest Dungeon with anime vibrations, but his developers told me that the game was inspired by FTL: Faster than light. The aim is to go through tunnels before different meters run down, with every new room you reach cheating on you. Different Darkest Dungeon, there is much less grinding, with a general increase to collect pieces of armor rather than experience points. Hallelujah.

Colt Canyon (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, 2019) t

Double shooter where you play as a very small person in a hat and cowboy cow who are looking for their loved ones by painting the red desert. With blood, of course. Our roguelike, so the map is produced procedurally. Although the controls were hooked, the map felt boring to their exploration. However, there are large plate-splash effects.

Dead End Job (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, 2019) t

Masking 90s of pop culture directions and proletariat drudgery. The art style and humor has a feeling Ren & Stimpy, while the precedent is basically Liquidators in an office. You're exploring the white collar bugs by going to a room to a room, killing different creatures, and then accumulating their spirit to win XP and gain new abilities. There's another one, and though the Office space I didn't do it for me, the Saturday cartoon look makes it a nice, more colorful analog to t Bind Isaac. Also Clippy, Microsoft's problem solving paper clip, is one of the bosses, why not?

N1RV Ann-A (Switch, PS4, PC, 2020)

Our sequence is VA-11 HALL-A, but with more choice spirits to choose from. You pour drinks to customers and then see what we pour out of their mouth, like a visual novel where you are coloring in the pages with a boot. We look forward to this game. Hopefully it comes to Vita. (Not coming to Vita).

Downfall Project (Switch, Xbox One, PC, TBD) t

These developers described how Miami Helpline it was transformed into a first-person school shooter. The art style was definitely cool, but the movement made me cute, so I stopped playing after just a few minutes. But with a manager in my hand and that sensitivity was rejected, it looked like a big nightmare fuel.

World of Horror (Switch, PS4, PC, 2019) t

The world ends as bad spirits begin to take over. It was a partial visual novel and part of a role play adventure game, it reminded me of the first t Mother game, Earthbound's predecessor, has been re-folded through a Japanese occult horror flash lens. I was supposed to complete a magic ritual in my character's school to ban evil, but I finished into a battle with strange girls who put my head off.

Windjammers 2 (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, 2019) t

I wrote about Windjammers 2 over the weekend. I'm upset to fill the casual sports game hole after Rocket League (I still love that but I am not playing so much anymore). It's like the characters from Man Run He decided to give the best to kill each other and go on holiday in the 1960s Marseille and play a beach volleyball with frisbee until the sun goes down. I wasn't in the film Man Run, never been to Marseille, and you haven't grown up in the 60s, but 30 minutes with Windjammers 2 make me feel that I have done all those things.

Samurai Shodown (PS4, Xbox One, PC, 2019, Switch, TBD)

Another classic series is being restarted, and our fighting game is on that. The developers kicked my donkey, but I was still able to appreciate the emphasis of the game on being patient and waiting to take advantage of openings rather than just trying to fight violently. The images look fine most of the time, but they are especially delightful during scenic animations and special attacks, where everything on the screen feels as if it has been painted t on a scroll and turning in the wind. In those moments, it reminded me of Okami.

Switch, Summer t

One of my favorite games is the show. It was first revealed during the recent Nintendo Nindies exhibition, where we learned that it would mix with each other with an overhead tunnel knife with a pinball. I had the opportunity to explore a number of rooms, encounter some interesting puzzles, and almost beat a very funny head, all by knocking projections around a room with a sword. The gameplay is clever, it looks amazing, and there's just plenty of background to build the world to fit everything with a sense of foreboding and mystery.

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, 2019)

I'm terrible in first person shooters at the first school, but that didn't stop me appreciating the artistry and the retrospective appeal of WRATH. It's built in the original Quake engine, and as a result, it's moving and managing extremely fast, but the focus is on exchanging your arsenal for t the most effective tool for the job at any given time. You can fly through the levels and unload ammo on skeletons, demons, and aliens, but the point is to approach all encounters effectively and efficiently, rather than through purely aggressive behavior. I set the most responsive game I played in PAX East.

Theology: Resident Heroes (PS4, Xbox One, PC, TBD) t

The studio that made one of the best games in 2017 brings it back for tactical outcomes. It's still very early, so some of the assets were borrowed entirely t Theology 2 and parts of the UI were incomplete. Still, the level I played was enough to rack what Larian Studios is trying to do, namely: diving deeper into some of the systems and the world of the series' by concentrating on battles on besides a narrative based on choice. Everything can be procured, from units to items, by completing objectives and developing the story based on specific options, so there's no grinding. Instead of overwhelming enemies, the point is to disregard them by weaving together a complex cascade of elementary attacks and effects based on each unique environment. I'm really looking forward to this one.

Panzer Paladin (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, TBD)

I had no idea Tribute Games, the little indie studio behind Mercenary kings and, most recently, Flinthook, I was working on something new until I beat Panzer Paladin on the display floor. You play as a warrior trials a mech suit and explore a side scrolling dungeon that has been inspired by an 8-piece full of enemies that look like they came straight out of Zelda II. Throughout this process, you raise a ton of weapons that can be saved, thrown, or even cut to release special magic attacks. In the short time I got around with this engineer, my imagination lit up with all the interesting possibilities for making a drawingZelda more similar game play Mega Man.

Aye Captain (TBD)

You are a pirate who controls a little heart on the great seas, which are controlled by a humiliating empire. Everything is produced procedurally, with a map that can be examined in real time from an overhead camera angle. You swap to gameplay tactics whenever you run into another ship and decide that you want to kill his crew and take everything they've got. Before each encounter, you will take part in a short conversation where you can choose to try to escape if the enemy is too strong, plead with your cannons first, or negotiate with them for mutual benefit. I'm not big on the art style, which is just a bit of heat from going to the grip with the Captain Crunch full time at times, but the role play systems and the gameplay t tactically all felt deep and full of thought.

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