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WWE Raw Results Monday – November 26, 2018: Two Title Game, Construction of TLC

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw.

Corbin Baron is in the area and he has Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Lio Rush.

Baron welcomes everyone to Raw. He says he hopes everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving with their family. They say they maintain their bodies in peak physical condition. Baron says he was grateful for the job he had done as a temporary General Manager.

Bobby Lashley says he is grateful for the Beta Men sitting on their sofa and wasting their lives away while waking up every morning and taking what he wants.

Drew Drew was grateful for the enthusiastic, extended assault they gave to Braun Strowman.

Baron says that this is a moment in time that will never live. Baron wants us to see it again and we will do it.

Baron says, after a serious assault so you will not see the face of Braun Strowman on Raw for a long time. Baron says he had pulled somewhere around here. Barwn says he had sent a camera crew to Birmingham for comments from Braun.

Braun says he is in Birmingham, Alabama is preparing for surgery on his arm and shows the joy. Braun said she would prefer to be in Milwaukee. There are some people who have some repayment. Braun said he will be on the shelf for a while because the surgeon says they have never seen such an injury. Braun says he will be back and when he is, the attack on him last week and what will happen during the operation as a paper cut when it's done with Lashley, Corbin, and McIntyre. Braun tells them they enjoy their vacation because when they come back, they'll get these hands.

Baron says there is no way that Braun is cleared and physically to compete in TLC. Baron says their game is still on and when Braun fails to show, Baron says he will win forfid and become a new Raw General Manager. The Raw rail line must decide whether they want to be on the right side of the history or side of history. Baron says he will remember which superstars stand with each other and who stand against him.

The lights go out and then they come back and they're Elias.

Elias says he could not sit in the back and listen to Baron's tired voice, so he must come out and play this riff. Elias says that anyone would be better than Baron Corbin as GM. Lio Rush would make a better job but that would break labor laws. Drake Maverick would even do a better job and pissed his pants. Elias says he has a song.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Elias against Bobby Lashley (with Lio Rush, Drew McIntyre, and Corbin Baron)

They lock up and Lashley supports Elias to the corner and gives a break. Elias with chops but Lashley with shoulder and shoulder stitches in the corner.

Match Number One: Elias against Bobby Lashley (with Lio Rush, Drew McIntyre, and Corbin Baron)

They lock up and Lashley supports Elias to the corner and gives a break. Elias with chops but Lashley with shoulder and shoulder stitches in the corner. Lashley with a neckbreaker and has a collapse close. Lashley with a backbone chill. Lashley with a lock and waist and works on the back. Elias with the guys and Elias sends Lashley to the floor. Elias with a basketball slide to look after Lashley.

Lashley depicts Elias and hit Elias in the back with a double sledge. Lashley starts Elias. The adjudicator warns Lashley and liaises with short arm clothing for a close fall. Lashley with a backbone chill. Elias with penelin but Lashley with a laptop and Irish whip. Lashley runs in penelin and Elias with a laundry chic. Elias with chic and chops. Lashley sends Elias to the floor and Drew goes before Elias before he goes back to the circle. The adjudicator warns that Drew and Elias go back to the apron and Lashley runs Elias to the circle post as we go to commercial.

We're back and Elias with a honey chic and clothing apparel. Elias is in front of him and avoids a string of clothes and turns a knee jumping. Elias goes uphill and turns a penelin reduction but Lio Rush pulls the player out of the ring and the player calls for the bell .

Winner: Elias (by disqualification). . . not so fast

After the game, Baron Corbin announces that the game is No Disqualification since Elias cut it earlier.

Lashley reaches Elias from behind and reaches a shoulder in the corner. Elias attacks Corbin on the floor but then Drew assaults Elias. Elias strikes guitar and Corbin turns Elias from behind. Lashley assaults the guitar and Corbin turns Elias in the back with a chair. Elias is sent to the floor after a series of chairs' pictures. Drew sends Elias to the obstruction and apron of the rings. Bobby does the same thing. Drew with Claymore to Elias and he's Elias punches.

Corbin and Drew send Elias to the blocking of the rings. Drew with Alabama Slam back to the staircase. Baron says they're going to do this for Braun. Lashley makes a lap around the shoulder stick.

They return to the circle and Lashley covers Elias for the three counts.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

We go to commercial.

We're back and Corbin Baron produces a production assistant for what Elijah did earlier and is fired.

Alexa Bliss shows up and she tells Baron who was very impressive. Alexa says that a man is deadweight. Alexa says she thinks that Baron is doing incredible work and she tells him he needs anything, do not give me to ask.

Baron says he's got a lot on his plate and he's asking a Alexa to oversee the entire Women's Division.

Alexa is shocked and she's thanks to it.

We have a video pack for the Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins situation.

We see Dean Ambrose in the medical room. Dean says he would not show himself to the toxic dump of Milwaukee. Dean says that Seth will say he's safe. Dean says that it is ironic that Seth puts an open challenge when it is not there. Dean says he will be there next week. Dean says he's getting rid of flu because the crowd and Seth all boil. Dean talks about the different vaccinations he gets and he says that this is for rabies. Dean says he will not go to Houston without the shot of his rabbit.

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