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WATCH: A Walsall boy who is given six months to live meets the man who saved his life


The first emotional meeting of a child cancer patient and a life-saving donor has been captured on video.

Jack Withers, of Walsall, was only 10 years old, when he was told he had six months to live, but a German marrow donor came on and rescued his life.

Strictly giving rules mean that donors and recipients can not meet for a certain period of time, and both parties must request a meeting.

But now the restriction has risen, the DKMS blood cancer charity has set up the emotional meeting in its fundraising gala in London.

PLEASE NOTE the moment that Jack and Michael met:

A child cancer patient meets a life-saving donor for the first time

A video shows Jack and a donor, Michael Merten, who is 27 years old, welcomes each other before Mr Merten is surrounded and fascinated by members of the family of Jack.

In 2015, Jack was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer from the MDS name at the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Emily Jack's dynamics had been diagnosed with the eight year condition.

Donors are rarely accepted but Jack and Michael agreed

Their mother, Jo Withers, said the news was completely out of the blue & # 39; and she never expected lighting to strike twice.

Fortunately for Emily, her eldest sister Lauren was a game and was able to give her a life-saving gift.

But Lauren was not a game for Jack, so a hunt for a donor was launched.

The Withers family back in 2010 after the transplantation of Emily's bone marrow

"It was told us and then he would have only six months to live," said Mrs Withers.

"That was never an option in my head, I gave up three children and there were three children here to stay."

Emily was diagnosed with a plastic anemia in April 2010.

Pregnant anemia is a blood disorder where bone marrow does not make enough new blood cells.

Emily Withers, then 5, with mom mom as she prepares to go back to school

Emily and Lauren's sister had the transplant in October and two months later, the procedure was declared a success.

Doctors said that Emily was likely to lose her first year at school to return to full health, but her recovery was faster than expected and she was spending a few days at Lower Primary School Farm.

The couple were later selected as receiving the Royal and Express Local Heroes awards.

Later, the family gave toys and games consoles to support children who are being treated at the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Mr Merten was seen as a game for Jack after searching the international database of donors.

The promotion was Jack and Michael united

He said: "When you think how big it is taking from your body to save someone else's life, it's easy to do."

Mrs Withers urged people to join the register, adding: "To see him [Jack] well, being improved, sitting here, it should be enough to make anyone think we'll get ourselves on that register. "

Jack added now 13: "Do that because you'll help lives like minerals".

For more information on joining the register go to

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